Monday, December 31, 2012

The reality of collecting in Mexico....for 2013.

It sucks.  To be honest...I see other bloggers running around with the new MU Kraven the hunter, Beast and the like...Not to mention all the great WWE Elite figures.  We get hardly anything new here.  I hate living here for that reason.  I left my home in Atlanta to come here after my father died to get away from it all.  I wasn't thinking clearly of course.  I just needed a change.  What a huge change it has been.  I am 6 foot tall American thrust into a culture that I do not understand, a language I can barely comprehend etc.  I will never fit in here.  Oh well.  I am hoping my ship to come in one day so that I can take off.  But until that day comes I have to make the best of it. 

So collecting wise...Boy oh boy....I have gotten some GREAT things here though in my short time of recollecting.  But these are my goals...

MU- Any and all Marvel Universe figures I find in Mexico I will do my darndest to buy.  Even IF they are $14 apiece!!!  Above is the newest line they got in...I think it came out in 2011!!!

Star Wars- The same as above. 

Movie and TV show DVDs- Any that are still on my list I will try to get.

Making stuff- I will expand on that this year.  Hope to get three projects done.

With that said that is about it to collecting in Mexico.  No toy shows here.  Nothing good really.  Only those 3 things make it to Mexico.  Boy I miss the U.S. where they had comic shows, toy shows, Toys R Us, Gun shows, Olive Garden, Taco Bell etc.  None of those things are here.  See something you like on Ebay?  No problem!  You hit bid and it's yours.  Not so here.  Customs always wants to open your boxes up. 

The things I do like are the cheaper prices on making my own stuff.  Like the DC sign and Dungeons one. 

So if the ship ever comes in I would gladly sell Monster Cafe and move back. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Score Sunday- DVD DAY! Awesome titles I got!

This was the same Christmas day that I got the Avengers figures....We went to Blockbuster and lo and behold....2 buys 3!  WHOOO!  But with the two buys 3 promotion you have to get titles that sort of have the same price...To save myself some money...So I picked up these...
Avengers and the Amazing Spiderman were the same price so I had to find another but nothing cool I found....Until I remembered Hunger Games is supposed to be a big deal...So I got that.  2 buys 3 there.  Found Planet Hulk and Night of Champions 2010 for 70 pesos and had to find something of equal value...Wifey loves Philadelphia and so do I...
Reviews-  Planet Hulk is great...Wish it had more to it though.  The Red King looks too much like old Hulk villain Agamemnon for me to like him.
Avengers- Rocked.  Who the hell are the Chitauri though?  Oh it is some Ultimates crap...My universe will always be the real one...
Night of Champions 2010- Have not seen it all the way through yet.  Probably like other WWE ppvs...
Philadelphia- Great flick.  Noticed for the first time many of Jonathon Demme's cast from Silence of the lambs in this movie.
The Amazing spiderman-  I liked this one as well.  Changed the origin a bit.  HATE the costume change.
Hunger Games- I liked it the first time when it was made better as the Running Man with Arnold Schwarzneggar...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Score Saturday-Avengers looking good!

WOOOO!  Wifey was so kind to me on Christmas.  I got three of the movie Avengers figures.  Now the team feels alot more complete now.  It was only a matter of time I guess...
Whoo!  They are in all their glory here. 

Picked up Hawkeye, the Hulk, and IronMan!  I had the comic version of IronMan and did not want this version...

Hulk SMASH!  So happy with this Hulk figure. 

Like I said...I didn't want this version but since Walmart marked them down to 99 pesos...I had to bite.  Besides Tony Stark DOES have other armors right?  See them working with SHIELD in the
AT-AT!  So frickin cool!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Freaky Friday-BATMAN 1966 TV SERIES TOYS?!?!?!?!

Yeah I just heard the announcement....WHOA!  This is something I have been dreaming about forever.  I am NOT that old but caught the reruns in the eighties.  I taped all of the episodes and had about 6 VHS tapes full of them.  Then my house burned down....they all melted.  And it is SO sad they are not on DVD today...Oh well. 

I would ALSO hope that the toy company that does it does NOT screw it up.  Bandai's Thundercats comes to mind.  They release one wave and quit.  That sucks!  So...See what I mean.  I would hate that Batman and Robin and Joker are made and then the line dies. 

Also another requirement....I will NOT be buying these if they are not 3.75 inches.  I don't do the 6 inch figures anymore and got rid of mine a long time ago.  IF they are in the 3.75 inch scale then I WILL be doing my Batcave with my artist....

These guys did it first with Lego size..But I hate will be for 3 inch size IF they make the figures.  I want to do it for the Infinite Justice line but.....I would rather have a fully articulated wave...It would be a big expense.  I also want it to be able to be hanged from the wall.  A toy work of art! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Controversial Thursday- Pissing off other bloggers...

Controversial Thursday where SOMEONE gets pissed off by my ludicrous comments.  But hey it hasn't stopped me before.  Nothing is off limits and here is another edition.  You can disagree, think I am an ass what have ya.

Like this guy....I don't get it.  He has a blog and posts almost every day....However....he never says ANYTHING!  It is usually just a pic and he never allows comments on his blog.  I don't get it. 
It makes me do this....I mean he must get some creative expression out of it right?  The number of visitors perhaps?  But me?  I live for the comments.  I don't understand that.
When Asshats Watermark their pictures....It is an ASSHAT thing to do. OOOHHHH....Someone copied my picture....WHO GIVES A CRAP? If someone wants to copy one of my pictures I say go ahead. But now I cannot see the pic above properly because some yahoo has to put his official stamp on it thus ruining the pic. It is stupid and quite frankly it reeks of an ownership complex. It reeks of a cheap way for people to redirect to your site when chances are, they probably saw it there in the first place.
I mean if you ABSOLUTELY have to be like that and do it at LEAST do it like Plaid Stallions does it. He has to write his over the bottom of the pic so one can still see what is going on. Now I like his blog and everything but to mark EVERYTHING seems like self agrandizing somewhat.  I mean who do they think they are?  Ansel Adams?  That they have to sign their work on a PIC they found on the internet?  Lord have mercy...
And I understand it if it is your personal art that you don't want pasted everywhere like the above mock Super Powers cards.  But the excuse the guy gave is LAME!  He doesn't want people to use them to sell on Ebay.  I am sorry but anyone who thinks these are genuine are fools to begin with to buy such a product.
Now some of the bloggers have been awesome!  You know who you are!
Then there are those that you try to be nice to.  You post ALOT on their blog.  In fact you bust your ass to...even when they have that special code you have to punch in to be able to do so and you get it wrong 4 times in a row.  You comment,Especially when not many people do on their site to let them know someone cares.  You even add them to your blogroll.  Do they EVER comment on your site?  Nope.  Do they ever add you to their blogroll?  Nope.  Kinda selfish guys.  I didn't want to name names but I have been trying to get on this blogger's good side for a few months now.  Nothing...I said when I started this blog that I wanted a clean slate with the blogging community.  And I still do!
It all makes this monster cry...
EDIT- So the owner of Mego Museum banned me from the site just because of this blog post.  So my comments do stand after all...How petty....Oh well....I will just sign up under a different email address.  But then again there is not really alot of fun posting there.  I can just read what goes on.
People cannot take a little criticism.I mean it is not like I slept with his wife or anything.  I JUST pointed out IMO how ridiculous it is to have to put one's caption on a pic of a toy....I can just imagine if someone slights his book Rack Toys that he goes all postal on them...I have not seen pages of his book but based on his comments below I would NOT doubt he has his website pasted all over each picture as well.  But I hope it does well.  I hope the Mego Museum is a success as well. 
I just bet if I took every pic of his put it in the old Coral Draw program and erased the Stallions name and put Monster Cafe...why I think ole Brian would have himself a Cerebral aneurysm...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 WWE DVD's I want

Yeah it is Wishlist Wednesday again.  I am a wrestling fanatic.  Love it.  Started way back when in 1986 in December.  So I was around watching it when it was Andre vs. Hogan.  I saw Wrestlemania 3 on PPV!  So I am still a fan.  So living in Mexico kind of sucks about this as one cannot get the DVD's they want.  So here is my top 10 list I wish.

 1. Goldberg-  This should be a great DVD!
2. Hitman Hart- Wrestling with shadows....I love this one.

3. Austin vs. McMahon- I have been on an Austin kick recently.  Gotta have this one as this feud put him on the map.

4. Bobby Heenan- The greatest manager of all time.  He was NOT my favorite announcer though to the surprise of some people...

5. Ric Flair- The greatest wrestler in the biz.  WISH I had watched some NWA when it first aired back in the day but I was a WWF guy.

6. Survivor Series disk 2- I have the first five...Gotta get this one.  I wonder if they will release the rest one day.

7. History of the AWA-  What is this fed all about?  Never watched it before so I am curious.
8. Hart and Soul- Which by the way was the subtitle of summerslam 97...Bret Hart is my favorite wrestler of ALL time.  Wish I had this set. 

9. Road Warriors-  Again me never watching the NWA I had no idea who these guys were until they showed up on WWF TV in 1990.

10. Great American Bash DVD-  It is a best of series.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Toy Tuesday-Minnesota Wrecking Crew

Yeah...No wrestling company has EVER made the Minnesota Wrecking crew in figure form....But here we are....A different kind of wrecker...
One of Thor's enemies I recently got.  Dirk Garthwaite....Yeah I know it sounds like a porn name...Anyways he got his powers from Loki I believe.  Wish I had the other part of his crew but whatever.  I will probably never see them in Mexico.  But I got the wrecker!!!

I know today is Christmas and all of that....Wifey was so sweet.  She took me toy shopping which I will unveal this Thursday.  Man she is awesome!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Score Saturday-Mopping up the latest Spiderman...

Hey all!  It has been a few days but we are back with new scores!  Some stores in Mexico FINALLY lowered the price on it's Amazing Spiderman 3 inch line...So I picked up the last of them that mattered....
Now my critique...I got Modern Ock because it is my first Dr. Octopus!  I would rather have the SS one but hey...I gotta get what I gotta get.  I don't like it all that much.
Black suit Spidey is a must.  I was there when he first debuted his costume.  Amazing Spiderman 252 I think it was.  Actually it was Secret Wars 8 but....I liked it enough but will always prefer classic.
Ben Reilly Spiderman-  I am sure not many kids in Mexico know who this is.  But I do.  I have the Scarlet Spiderman so this was the natural progression.  I will act out the clone saga one day if they ever release a Jackyll, Kaine, and Spidercide...
Venom-  Love this figure!  So cool looking.  I had sadly stopped reading Spiderman by the time this guy was introduced.  But the figure is great.  Wifey likes him the best.
I just HOPE that Mexico lowers the price on other lines.  Daddy needs some new toys.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Funday- MY HOLY GRAILS!

In addition to my normal wishlists I DO have holy grails.  Toys I had as a kid or wish I had.  A holy grail to me is usually something that is not at the store right now but really it falls into the realm of TOO frickin expensive for me or hard to find...Or something that I could never afford...So with that said....
1. Alien 1979 18 inches- I had this as a kid and have documented about it before.  The thing runs $500 for a good shape one.  I understand Mcfarlane or someone has released another 18 incher with better articulation...But this was the bomb back then.
2. Halloween vintage blowmolds-  I would love to have everything on that shelf!  They are hard to find and in some cases expensive on Evilbay.
3. Marx Mountain of Navarone-  This was the playset I loved as a kid.  It came with so much.  Now that some stuff is being repopped I wonder if we will see this.
4. Toybiz big figures-  I had all of these but when Dad died....I sold them all.  I just wish I had kept the big figures...But all these would be awesome to have.

5. Power records lot-  I would love to have these as well.  Played them all the time.
6. Original Star Wars figures-  Oh yeah...I have three of them but would love more.
7. All of these masks-  Look at the vintage horror represented here.  WOW.
8.Batman Cold Knight-   This is a garage kit but this kit more than anything else I have ever seen depicts what Batman is all about for me.
9. A large plaster cast dinosaur-  Hey I can dream big right?
10. Captain Kirk command chair- Oh yeah...Built just for me.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 paper games I wish I had...

I like board games...I do...SO....This is my top 10 list I wish I had. 
1.DUNGEON- Without a doubt this game comes first!  It is so much fun to play with a group of course.

2. Clash of the Titans- I had this in it's original release...Have NO idea what happened to mine.

3. Dukes of Hazzard- This game brings back alot of memories.

4. Raiders of the lost Ark- This was a very fun game.  You had to pick up three items to get the ark.  Had a blast playing it with my father.

5. The Haunted Mansion- I remember it like it was yesterday.  Went to Florida only once to see the actual Mansion.
6. Dungeons and Dragons- Old school all the way baby.  I miss them and wish I had some in my collection today.

7. Marvel RPG-  My good friend at college Stephen turned me onto this.  We played till the night sometimes.  I just wish we would have included alcohol in it. 
8. Monster Squad- Never even saw the show.  But Dad sure did pick up this game for me when I was a kid. 

9. Which Witch- Which is basically Ghost Castle lately.  I had the game and played it a few times.  I don't care if I get the redo of Ghost Castle.  It looks great!

10. Seinfeld Monopoly-  I love monopoly.  Played it several times as a youth...But HOW cool would it be to play Seinfeld monopoly?  I can just imagine!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Toy Tuesday-Hulk Buster Iron Man!

This was actually the first Marvel Universe figure I ever picked up.  Found him in Texas.  He has ok articulation and is bigger than a traditional IronMan.  I think he could BUST a Hulk.  But I gotta find a Hulk figure!  Thanks to Cal I have World War Hulk but since he looks so weird with the Conan Armor on, I am not using him as my Hulk figure.  So as of now Tony Stark has come up with this suit to take down Blanka...The first Hulk in my little universe.  Should be an epic battle.