Thursday, March 31, 2016


I was obsessed with the Age of apocalypse storyline back in 1995.  I loved reading them as it was happening.  I had all of the toybiz figures of it.  Sold them all when my father passed.

So gosh who am I missing?  Gambit, Rogue, Bishop, Xman, Mister Sinister, Apocalypse, Iceman...I even think they made a sunfire back in the day.  so many...Morph!

Big mistake.  I found these on a lot on ebay.  I gotta get the comics again someday.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I never saw Toy Story 3.  Saw one and two.  They are on my list to get one day on DVD.  BUT...I heard about this Heman MOTU type of character in it.

I think I will name him Insecto.

 This guys looks awesome.  Love him.  Gotta have Ray make a staff for him.
So...he is going to join my VERY small MOTU collection.  That is it.  These three.  I hope I find more one day.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Mojo is a character I have not liked too much.  He was from an alterate universe or something.  He was just a gameshow host kinda guy etc.  I read a few comics with him in it.
Xmen 10 was the one I had.  I was not into Uncanny at the time.

 So when I received him in a broken toy lot I did want to fix him up.  I rewatched the xmen animated series.  I guess he is not so bad.
No legs on him and no thing on his back.  This was a barebones MOJO.  He was even missing his tail thingie on the end...
 WHOA!  This is the best of the bunch!  Mojo looks fantastic now.
 Ray built a little black base that Mojo could support his weight on without giving undue stress to the legs.
I gotta get the MU longshot now.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Remember that broken lot of toys I won a few months ago?  Well there was an Avenger´s Hulk in there with no head!

He is on the right head.  If I were living in the states I probably would have thrown him in the trash but since being in Mexico I have found I can fix em.  No toy should be thrown away.  I can have them fixed!  Send me your broken toys folks.
The first time I was introduced to Mr. Hyde was the last page of Amazing spiderman 231.  I thought he was awesome looking.  And he wanted to kill the Cobra so badly.  I tracked down other issues with him that I found from the official marvel universe handbook etc.  Issue 232 was the first issue I ever got in the mail.  Spiderman and Mr.Hyde´s first encounter.

So I used an old HHH head and Ray went to work....
 Wow.  He looks great.  Just like he did in the comics!
 I was so jazzed a few years later when Hyde joined the fourth incarnation of the Masters of Evil.  He was savage.  He beat Jarvis half to death!  Not to mention the gangup on Hercules!

He looks fantastic and a welcome addition to my Masters of Evil.  Yeah I am missing alot.  Oh well.  These are the only ones that hit Mexico.  I hope Tiger Shark and Radioactive Man will be released in the regular line one day.  I am going to fix my evil Goliath figure too one day.  I hope they will also release the wrecking crew on individual cards too.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


I was never quite happy with the head on this one.  So I had Ray elongate it and make it more correct.
I used this pic as the inspiration.  And what an inspiration it was.  Ray even made it into a comic book version.
 He even repainted the entire body!  See how big it is compared to the Gi Joe APC?
It looks great.  Much better than before!  I gotta pose my Xmen with him and make a cool battle scene one day.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Yeah I am a fast food junkie.  Even in my early forties.  So without more....the top 10 fast food places that Saltillo needs to get!
1. Baskin Robbins-  I rated this number one because I worked there in high school.  31 flavors!  Oh man do I miss the ice cream there.  Yeah Saltillo has that BLAND Helado Sultana place...But oh boy, it is not fantastic ice cream.  More like frozen medicine.  Yes they have ice cream that is healthy for you!  yuck!  I miss pink bubblegum flavor, Kalhua, mint chocolate chip etc.

2. Taco Bell- Yeah this came in at number two for me.  I LOVE Taco Bell in the states..Most Mexicans hate it though.  They call it the Gringo version.  But hey, it is what I was raised on.  I miss the Beef Meximelts etc.  The combo meals.  And oh the fruit punch!

3. Wendy´s-  I am not a huge fan of Wendy´s but I am listing it here for one reason.  Saltillo used to have a wendy´s but it went out of business.  It needs to come back in a bad way!  They always had the best burgers.  Well, next to Monster Cafe of course.
4. Arby´s-  I SO miss the roast beef sandwiches and potato cakes.  I mean just look at them.
The potato cakes of Arby´s are legendary.  Full of grease.  They were so good.  Like drops of heaven in your mouth.
5. Dunkin Donuts-  All kinds of donuts one could want.  Blueberry, even carrot donuts I think I remember.
6. Krispy Kreme donuts-  Yup, I just went there.  There is a Krispy Kreme in Laredo Texas and wifey and I always grab two dozen before returning to Mexico.  We need one here.
7. Chick fila-  What can you say about the best chicken sandwich ever?  With the little pickles and WAFFLE fries!  This would be a hit in Saltillo.  There are so many chicken places here already.  Pollo Loco, pollo feliz etc.  How about one more?

8. Long John Silvers-  Awesome greasy fish place.  We gotta get this here.  There are not that many fish places around.

9. Sbarro- Awesome italian fast food.  I love Olive Garden more but Sbarro was always in the malls in America.  Great lasagna!

10. Schlotzkys deli- Dad and I used to get the best pizzas and subs here.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


It is few and far between I get to visit Arteaga on a Sunday.  But we decided to close and go.
1. A slightly used copy in ENGLISH of Where the wild things are!  Can you believe it?  Finding a book in English in Mexico is like discovering plutonium!  Best of all it was only a dollar!  Or twenty pesos...AND it was on my list!  I have around 300 books I want to get and this one was one of them.
2. The 1983 Imperial two headed dragon!  Now I admit I did not have this as a kid.  But I see several bloggers owning it.  I figured why not.  I know that is not usually the case with me.  I like to only buy things I had as a kid.  But it just called out to me.
 3. The Batman´s Mr. Freeze.  Now I never really watched this show.  I have season one and two on DVD I found down here REALLY cheaply.  Remember I am starving for the 5 inch Batman animated series figures so yeah, I am stoked to have this one.  I do not think I will use him as Mr. Freeze however.  I will use him as another ice powered villain.  Coldsnap or something like that.  When I get a real Batman animated series Mr. Freeze then he will be the real deal.
4. Daniel Bryan- Wrestling figures down here are few and far between.  So glad to get a basic version of him.

5. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Yeah I found a fifth figure down here but this one will be a secret for a few months until I can repair him.  It is a figure I NEVER wanted but after viewing more blogs and saw the love of these figures I decided to get him.  Turns out he does hold some nostalgia for me.  I was surprised at this and I want to do a good job in his refurbishing.  It requires my sewing gal so it will be awhile before I take him to her.

And that is it.  The pulgas down here just keep getting better and better.  Who knows what I will come away with next time.  I just wish the cafe was closed on Sundays so I could go every week.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Feburary 14th was a great day.  We started early.  The lovebirds slowly filed in.

 Terraza and weather were beautiful!
 We brought in the rock band Rayon to play.
 A good time was had by all.
 It started to get a little nippy at night though.
 Band was great.
 Much music was had.
 So awesome when people enjoy the cafe.
 There are not many open terrazas in Saltillo.

Friday, March 4, 2016


I thought the batbot was really cool.  Except they cost an arm and a leg over the internet.  So I figured...Why not make my own?

Got this six inch Batman figure which I hate.  Yeah I hate all of the bright colors toymakers put our caped crusader through.  So I had Ray modify him to be a batbot.
 YES!  Much better.  Why do toymakers put out bright crap on our beloved heroes?
So now a simple paint job and this robot is ready to take Batman´s commands.

I used to get around 40 blog visits per post.  Now it has been reduced by half.  I don´t know what happened.