Thursday, October 11, 2018


Got some pretty sweet swag this time!
 1. A fourth Titan hero Ironman to make sentinels with.  Because building after 4 and you just become and asshole.
2. Batman the Dark Knight Returns Joker!  He only had this one head but hey...
3. Toybiz Lizard-Love Toy biz and so happy to have this guy back!  Just a few hundred more and my collection of these favorites will be complete.
4. Batman from the original movie I think.  Had him as a kid too.  Gotta find a cape for him.  Have Ray make one that is like his suit.
Also got these 5 fiends!  Two Snowtroopers, Kylo Ren, Elsa from Indiana jones, and my FIRST Reaction figure I have ever found!  Uhura!  Man does this figure really take me back to SW kenner figures! Gosh I hope I find more Reaction down here one day.

So estatic to find this lot!  Little by little amigos....

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


So wifey and I went to the flea market...
Traded some monster cups for this lot.  Got an almost complete MOTU Beastman...MU Thanos!  Toybiz Kazar, Robin Hood, and the new Corps battletech that others were raving about on the net.

We are not going to be going to the pulgas for about a month as the guy is getting on my nerves for good trades.

Feels so good to get some MOTU goodness there.  An MU thanos is awesome.  Especially because he is so popular these days with those Avengers movies.  I have only seen the first one.