Thursday, November 29, 2012

Controversial Thursday- Changing character's races....

Ugghhhh....I  am a comic book guy.  Now I do not mind if Wolverine is not that short or that he doesn't even have a Canadian accent....What I care about is how he looks in the comics.  The producers did not make him a little Chinese boy.  You could tell it is Wolverine from the comics.  Thank you Hugh Jackman!  With that said I HATE it when Hollywood changes a race of a comic character JUST because.  JUST to include black people...It pisses me off.
I just want a kind of purity when making my comic book to Hollywood.  I am not advocating a race war.  I mean hell you will never see a Luke Cage movie with Nicholas Cage right?
Now this is Ultimate Fury so it is ok right?  WRONG!  It sucks and it pandering to the black community so someone would see Avengers.  F you Hollywood!!!
Oh, it is just Alicia Masters.  She is a minor character in the FF universe so it is ok if we change her race.  BS!  CRAP!  EVERY character is major to me.

Now granted I know not much about Thor so I can let this one slide....WRONG!  EH EH!  F YOU HOLLYWOOD!  Heimdell NEEDS to be white and nordic. 

This one was a big one for me and I am still not over it.  There were THOUSANDS of better candidates for the Kingpin.  One, a mister King Kong Bundy was even CAST as the Kingpin in the Code Of Duty Marvel books.  Don't believe me?  Let's look...Well I cannot.  I don't have the book anymore and I cannot find a pic of ole Kingpin on the net.  But they cast Bundy I assure you.
Which leads me to this crap.  This is awful.  You Hollywood bastards...
If they did a Black Panther movie with DJ Qualls I would be balistic as well.  So stop saying that I am just racist.  I am a purist.  I want white characters white and black characters black.  There is nothing wrong with that.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 Toybiz figures I want.

I did the Toybiz thing when they first came out.  Had most all of them.  Then sold them all in a DUH moment.  Now that I collect Marvel universe I no longer like the scale of the Toybiz figures....Except for ones that are justified having it.  So with that said this is my wishlist for Toybiz figures.
1. Absorbing Man- This is one figure I had that I wish I didn't sell.  The detail is awesome!

2. Giant Man- Yeah wish I had him too.  Need him badly!

3. The Maestro- A huge version of the Hulk!

4. Onslaught- I was there.  I read Onslaught when it was first released.  Love the figure.

5. Wendigo- I like the real hair of him.
6. Stegron- A frickin walking Dinosaur!  What is not to love?
7. Sentinel-  The original Toybiz one is...well let's face is loaded with extras!  A shooting fist!  Capture stinky mutie chest, and if you hit his knees he falls down!!!

8. Second Sentinel- This is a much smaller version of the big guy.  He is still kind of neat.  I have no idea why the designers made his fingers suck though.
9. The brood- I was there as well.  In fact they were some of my first Xmen comics when the Brood were first introduced. 

10. Capcom Sentinel-  Look at how awesome this thing is!  BUT.....I do not think that Toybiz and capcom ever released him. 
So that is it.  If ya got any of these send me a note maybe we can work something out.

New Toy Tuesday- Welcome to the jungle...

Oh yeah it is new toy Tuesday....Got my FIRST GI Joe figure since 1985 in Texas....He is the only I got too....Why did we think it was a good idea when we were kids to set our GI Joes on fire?  Anyways....

The Jungle Viper!  When I saw this in Texas I knew he was the figure to get.  I placed him in a plant and asked wifey to spot anything unusual...She couldn't see him...Too awesome!

He kind of stands out in my Lord of the Rings piece I picked up as a background but whatever....Wish I had grass to put him in.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Musings= Modern toys I collect...

I am pretty strict on my collecting habits.  I just don't collect anything anymore.  Let's face it...There is only a limited amount of space right? goes...Modern things I collect.
1. 3 inch figures-  If it is three inches, it is a good chance I want it.  That includes mainly Star Wars, GI Joe, World Peacekeepers, Marvel Universe, DC Infinite Heroes, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones etc.
2. WWE Mattel 6 inch line and basics- These are great wrestling figures.  In fact when I get one and I already have a Jakks version, I sell the Jakks version in my cafe. 
3. Funko Bobbleheads- Only Funko will do...And only Bobbleheads will do.  I cannot stand the new Funko product...Those pop vinyl stuff gives me nightmares...
4. Moebius, Round 2, Monarch FIGURE kits-  If it is a figure kit, I probably want it or have it.  No car kits for me.  Bleh....
5. Pop Culture books-  Love these kinds of books.  Love the DK publishing house.  They come out with great stuff all the time.
6. Papo stuff-  If it is compatible with the 3 inch figures then I am on it. 

7. Heroclix- Only Marvel and DC for me.
8. DVD's on my list-  This is about the only thing one can really collect a good amount of in Mexico.  I still have a list about 1,000 more movies I want.  But hey it is a start.
9. Omnibus and Marvel Essentials and DC Showcase- Love bound volumes of the two big companies...
So yeah I really do not collect much else if it doesn't fall within these realms.  So no Lego, Imaginext, Lincoln logs or anything that I consider for babies...

Sunday, November 25, 2012


If you have seen the Dungeons and Dragons sign and the signs for Monster Cafe you will know what this post is about...The local artist is doing great on the DC sign.  He is more than halfway done. After that I am doing my Marvel Comics one....BUT....After that I need another project... So I am asking you the very few but loyal I hope, readers of this blog to pick the next assignment for him.  So here are the choices....
1. Camp Crystal Lake sign- This one would be SO cheap to do...It is just wood and paint..One day when I retire I hope to have a little farm back in the states and next to the pond I will have this placed.

2. F13 part 2 sign- This would be a 3D effect like the D and D sign...More expensive...It would go in my movie area.

3. Fright Night sign- 3D sign too...Awesome though.  Movie area as well...

4. Lionel Playworld sign- Just paint and wood again.  Cheapo to do.  Probably in my toy room area. 

5. Empire Strikes back sign- Another 3D version...I am Star Wars crazy right now so...It would go in the movie area as well.

So I leave it up to you...Also what would YOU do?  I am into creating my own art rather than just buying a pic of a flower pot. 

What would you pick if you wanted to do some art in 3D form?  Anything from pop culture come to mind?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Survey- Which state has the most comic book....

Comic book conventions?  Does anyone know which state has the most?  I am looking for quantity not quality. 

After 6 years I am starting to realize how many toys I am missing.  Mexico SUCKS for toys.  Even at their one convention called Zombie Fest they had one figure marked up 200%....
Ebay USED to be good....Until the scalpers took ahold of it.  Now a Hulk MU figure some jackass is selling for $40....That I COULD find in the stores right now....I hate people sometimes.  So that option to find figures is out.  So I am thinking toy shows or comic conventions will be my best bet.  Which state has the most flea markets and toy shows?
Anyone know?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Fun day- Xmen foe numero uno!!!

Now I really didn't want this figure.  Well I did...See the thing is I would rather have him in red like in the comics...But I didn't think I would ever find it in Mexico....
But hey...Am glad I finally have Magneto.  Now the Xmen have someone to fight. 

Look out soldiers...I wouldn't fire on him.  With one thought he could twist that metal and have it coming out of every orifice of yours...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vintage Star Wars Thursday! The only three I got!

Yeah I am doing another blogger's stichke...But hey...Unfortunately it will be only a one time thing because these are the only Star Wars figures I have.  Found them at the flea market in Mexico.  They are RARE to find here.  Like once a year rare.  So this represents about three years worth....I sure wish I had more.   I mean I was there!  I saw Star Wars in it's original opening in 1977.  Chewbacca was my first figure...
Snaggletooth, Bib Fortuna, and a beat up and chewed on Tauntaun....That is it....Eh...One day right?  I count myself really lucky to have found them at the pulgas in Mexico.  They are ALWAYS picked clean the moment anyone sells figures. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist- LJN WWF wrestlers I want

I pretty much have the entire collection with the LJN wrestlers.  I love them so much!  However I am missing some in my collection...So here is a top 10 list.
1. Sgt Slaughter- He is my number one.  Great figure.  He was offered for a limited time to GI Joe collectors..

2. Big BossMan- He is definitely number 2.  I loved him when he was with the Twin Towers with Akeem vs. Hulk Hogan.

3. Haku-He is one of the missing Heenan Family members I still need.

4. The Warlord- I would team him with my Ax and make Demolition since LJN never made a Barbarian nor a Smash figure.

5. Andre the Giant Heel-  I have the big haired version but not this one. 
6. Ted Dibiase- the last LJN I need.  I have them all except for these 6.  I picked him last because I hate the wad of cash in his hand.
The following ones below this are from Jakks...
7. Ric Flair-Got to have me Flair.  I can pit he and Hogan in epic battles.

8. Steve Austin- The man that every young guy wanted to be in the late nineties. 

9. Eddie Guerrero- I gotta have this figure too.  Look at that swagger the figure has.

10. Mankind- He is awesome.  Good sculpt too.


Monday, November 19, 2012

New Toy Tuesday- Ole One Eye...

More scores from Texas!  I have been wanting this figure for awhile now.  Never thinking I would find it at all being he was in the early series.  Now I have a field leader for the Xmen!
Yup I got Cyclops!  WHY IS MY CAMERA MAKING FUZZY SHOTS!  Darn it to hell...
Eh oh well...Gotta buy another one in Texas I suppose...Anyway I am SO jazzed about having Cyke.  An Xmen cannot be complete without him.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Score Sunday- The Punisher!!!

You know...My camera REALLY sucks.  It is from 2001...I cannot do any good closeup shots.  Anyways I FINALLY have one of Marvel's Big Guns in the MU line!  The Punisher! 

Also I found in Mexico this candle holder of skulls...So......

I decided to marry the two!  Frank Castle sitting on the ones he has had to punish for being wicked...
Loving this figure!