Friday, February 17, 2017


Back in 1991, my girlfriend at the time, Aimee and her parents, took me to see the Rocky Horror picture show for the first time.

I fell in love instantly and rushed down stage to join the cast.  It called out to me.  So in 1991 I joined the Lipsync cast of Atlanta GA.  I did it for a couple of years before going to college.

Another thrill for me was joining the famous 14th street cast in New York in 2000, for 6 months too.  God to work with the Mad Man Mike!  He has been around Rocky forever.
So I am still getting a few things back from my childhood that disappeared.

The Rocky Horror picture show book!

Great book!  Probably the best on the market even today.  I will be reading this one tonight.  Thanks to my buddy Luis Charles for bringing this back into my life.  The other Rocky books borrow heavily from this one so I think this will be it for Rocky.  I will not be getting the creatures of the night volumes nor the Treasury.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Toymakers...we want civilian identies too.  We do not want Dick Grayson in his pre Robin outfit.
When the figure puts his Robin costume on it looks clunky.  It looks stupid.  So I had Ray make something like this...
Hope this will turn out good.

Had Ray also paint the eyes and tongue of Killer Croc.  Now they both look great.  I can have little adventures of Dick sitting around Wayne Manor waiting the bat signal.