Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Yeah I went there.  I had to call this crazy group something.  I had these custom ragheads made.
Sabu, Davari, and Abdullah the butcher!  So glad these are finally done.  New adversaries for Hulk Hogan!
Just so you know...I think the Muslim religion is quite dangerous.  Brigitte Gabriel gives a fantastic answer to Muslim moderates.

Friday, December 26, 2014


So I finally got another Ronald....He looked like this...

Look at the nasty stain on him....My sewing gal said it could not be cleaned...SO.....
She took the arms off and sewed a whole new yellow costume for it!  It looks fantastic and brand new!  So happy.  Now all I am missing is the Professor and Captain Crook.

Monday, December 22, 2014


I firmly believe that an economic collapse will be here one day.  I am SLOWLY trying to get a little prepared.  Extra food, security etc.  What I am also doing is to realize that perhaps electricity will go out.  So no TV watching...So I am getting toys etc. so as to not be bored while waiting for society to come back on line...

I am also getting some coloring books!
Oh yeah!  Star Wars and Spidey!  Since I already carry crayons for Monster Cafe I am set for hours of fun when the lights go out.  Giddy up!

Friday, December 19, 2014


Rico was a guy that came around in the Ruthless Aggression era of the WWF.  I never much saw his work as I was primarely a RAW guy and he was on Smackdown.  BUT...I got his RA figure in a huge Ebay lot in 2009 so....

My sewing gal did an AWESOME job in finding the material to match his pants to make this jacket!  So impressed by her.  Yeah, the whole wrestling clothing thing is back on for awhile.  I am still not done yet.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Like Danny Devito said at the end of Twins.  It feels GREAT to be a good guy!  Yup, Wifey and I were real life superheroes last week.

We were driving along and saw two cops and 3 10 year old kids chasing someone.  So I jumped out of the car and had my club with me to give chase haste.  Wifey parked the car at the entrance of this gated park where everyone ran into.  I ran up to the cops and asked what the perp looked like.  One short young cop said he was wearing a striped blue and white shirt.  We looked for about 20 seconds when all of a sudden the perp who was hiding at the entrance to the park made a bolt to leave the park.  Apparantly we had missed him when we ran into the park.
The shirt looked like the one Marty is wearing here.

Anyway he bolts towards my car and Wifey.  She tries to hit him with the car!  Isn't she awesome?  The short young cop is much faster than I and since he knows we are there to help he jumps into the car with Wifey and they chase after the kid.  I run back to the entrance and am POOPED!  Being 42 will do that to you.  Anyways about 20 yards away the young cop with the aid of being in a car has wrestled the kid down.  I come up panting, give the kid the middle finger and Wifey and I take off with the cop's thanks.  Found out the kid had stolen a gold bracelet that the little kids saw and reported it to two cops nearby.

It felt SO good to help the police capture this piece of crap.

It is kind of retribution for that butthead throwing a brick through my car a few years ago.

Monday, December 15, 2014


So I bought this 1 and a half foot Christmas tree at the dollar store to use for my WWF figures when they do a Christmas RAW.  You may remember it from the Christmas of last year.  Well I had no intention of leaving it this way forever.  Yeah it took a year or so because I was burnt out on doing WWF projects....But then Wifey wanted a real Christmas tree for the Monster Cafe this year...And well...

I hardly recognize it!  Raymundo made everything on it.  Even put it on a swanky red base.  Cool huh?  Well now that I am almost finished with other projects I might be going back to WWF stuff this year and next.  Also we added a few lights to it.  It is the first Christmas tree in my life.  As a JW we didn't celebrate Christmas.  So this is really cool and special to me.

Monday, December 8, 2014


That is how he looked on Ebay.  Still has the rope around his neck thingie...I always loved this toy.  This was one of the first if not THE first Star Wars big monster ever made.
He looks fantastic!  You wag the tail and the head moves and everything.  Oh my little childhood toy is finally back.  And this one came with two bonuses!  Two tops of pens were found inside the body of it.  Some kid tried stuffing him...HAHA

So thrilling to have this again!  So now I have this and the Tauntaun...For the big creatures I believe I am only missing the Wampa.  I shall have to have Raymundo sculpt the saddle out of resin.

Friday, December 5, 2014


Now I live in Mexico where we do not have many things like the U.S. has.  So unfortunately for me, I do not live anywhere near a Goodwill like Derek over at the Goodwill Geek does where it rains awesome books down all the time.

Yeah I had to order mine off of Amazon!  But hey at 1 cent plus $4 shipping it was worth it to me.  This book to me is extra special.  It was my first CYOA that I bought at a book fair in 1979 at Northwoods Elementary school in Doraville GA.
I am sure it planted a seed in me to do Monster Cafe Saltillo.  The imagery!  Oh, it was exciting!
Finally in my possession in 34 years!  I am psyched to explore it under my covers at home!  Reading with one good lamp on to see if I can get out of being killed.  I only had around the first 10 Choose Your Own Adventure books so the ones that came after hold no interest for me.  SO glad I have this puppy back.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I loved Polar Lights Dinosaur kits.  Really.  I painted the Trike and Terrordactyl just fine but my T-Rex just lacked a certain punch...
 Eh....It is passable....But...
Yeah, it kinda sucks....So I had a real artist paint it up.....Raymundo to the rescue!
Much better right?!?!?!  I got inspiration from the Marvel Comic Devil Dinosaur created by Jack Kirby.

Looks like he is about to march on the city eh?  Love the Spider rearing up to attack him.  Could be a scene from King Kong!
I just love this new paint job.  It really makes the Trex come alive!  Now that I think about it my painting on the other two suck as well...I will get Ray to do them too.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Ah, the next in line of Madea movies are finally mine!  I think there are only two more I am missing.  Cannot wait for Wifey and I to sit down to enjoy this one.
Madea will be rocking the house tonight!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


My first Wasp exposure in comics was in Avengers 215.
Picked it up right off the rack at 711 in Doraville Georgia.  I loved the Avengers back then.  I read right on up till UnderSiege.  Then I moved onto something else.  THANK YOU Roger Stern....Oh, I almost forgot about the figure...

I would MUCH prefer this figure in her red costume.  That screams Superhero.  This black piece of crap screams reality.  Like the Xmen movie I HATE black leather on my heroes.  Leave them alone!

Saturday, November 22, 2014


I first saw the show down here in reruns.  It was right up my alley.  So I had to get them on DVD.
Trying to formulate the Higgs boson theory in my pic.  Yeah I fell short.  But not with the DVD!  I have all 7 seasons.  The 7th season kinda sucked.  I hope 8 will be better!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Yeah forget you scalpers!  The Goliath figure pictured below is $150 on Ebay...
So........Remember that 1996 GI Joe figure I picked up in the Haul of Hauls?

  Well he is multi-articulated...I desperately NEED Avengers figures....So here we go.  But after thinking about it I decided I wanted the Goliath from the Masters of Evil.  I loved the story UnderSiege as a kid where Goliath and the other army of Masters beat the stuffin out of Hercules and Jarvis and almost destroy the Avengers.  

So here we go...again...
Don't laugh at his George Costanza rather bulbous head stretching out my finely knitted sweater!
Looks good doesn't he?  If I find some big GI JOE figures down here again I will continue.  I got plans to do Black Goliath, Giant Man, Goliath in blue, The Stranger and other big Marvel characters.  Maybe even some DC ones.
I found out when he was delivered by Raymundo that he could have sculpted on muscles on him...Good to know for next time.
I will destroy you Shellhead!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


So I found this mannequin head down here in Mexico.  Very cheap. So much so that it was free! It was a woman's head.  I was going to originally use it to just put masks on and kept it for a few years.  Until I also found a Lily Munster wig.  So wala!
Raymundo the artist painted her up and even sculpted a necklace on her!  She is now not boring anymore but a real life Lily bust.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I couldn't thank Kevin enough for sending me some Star Wars figures a few months ago.  I had Yoda in 1980.  The first on my block in the neighborhood.  I have seen many over the years on Ebay that are naked.  Kevin sent me a naked one too.  But after Raymundo got a hold of him, he is restored to all his perfection!
The snake, cane and belt were made out of resin and the cape was sewn.  He looks terrific.  I also had him replace the R2 sticker so he looks brand new as well.  So awesome!  I already showcased the boxes of Dagobah redone.  The one I got didn't have them so I had to have Ray make em.

I have more things restored coming soon.  Just hold on tight.  I am dying to get my hands on a naked Land of the Jawas and the hoth playsets.

And Kevin ya betta comment something other than NICE!  A lotta love went into this one.  HAHA

Monday, November 10, 2014


Oh yeah!  FINALLY have found season 6.  Now I have the complete series on DVD.
They are called PicaPiedra down here which translates to little rocks....


Friday, November 7, 2014


When Monster Cafe designed Dracula we went through a few heads before the final version of Bela Lugosi.  A woman did it first and it was a little off...My artist did the second and third head.  2 years ago a MAJOR asshole was in the cafe and got a little drunk.  He decided to break the second head.  It looks like this...
The asshole smashed it to the ground.  We filed a police report and they did....NOTHING.  So whenever my ship comes in, BELIEVE ME, I think I am part Greek and will get my final revenge.   I know someone he knows and I will hire a PI to find him whenever I get the cash to do so.  He will rue the day.   So we had this piece lying around for 2 years not doing anything and decided for my artist to remake it into something else....
I think it came out pretty good.  It was just something to use the old head.
The Invisible Man!  Yup!  We didn't have to remodel it all that much.  We just wrapped his head up and put sunglasses on him.  I think he looks good.  The head below was the FIRST Dracula that the woman artist had done.

 I decided to turn him into White Zombie that the second head used to be.  At a cost of just $5 per head including mounting them to a base I think it was well worth it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Robble robble...

I have an affinity for the Mcdonaldland characters and Hamburgler is no exception.  Remember that Mcdonaldland shipment I got in where half of it was stolen?

 Well Raymundo made his hat for me.  It looks great!
So now thanks to Goodwill Geek for Mayor McCheese, I now have 3 Mcdonaldland characters that are done.  I finally have a Ronald but he needs some work.

The only two I am missing are the Professor and Captain Crook.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

My latest obsessions...

I thought I would do a top 10 list of the things I am actively trying to collect lately..
1. SUPER POWERS- I have Superman restored so he is checked off.  Now I gotta get the others.  I prefer incompletes as I can restore them myself and are usually cheaper.
2. SECRET WARS FIGURES- the two go hand in hand right?  I already have Hobgoblin so he is crossed off the list.  I would love Dr. Doom and Magneto because I am imagining putting capes on them and making them my version of complete.
3.STAR WARS AND REACTION- I am more focused on Star Wars than reaction right now for sure.  I feel I must collect the old stuff before I even start on the new.  I have a few figures but it is only 15 or so thanks to BuzzChuck!  I am not even interested in ROTJ stuff.  Only the first two movies will do for me.  God would I love an Alien and a Wampa...

4. BATMAN ANIMATED- I have Croc, Phantasm, Joker, and Mad Hatter but that is only scratching the surface.  They released alot that I didn't know about back in the day.
5. THESE 3 MEGOS-  I never had many but I had these three in the past.  There was a blurb on the Mego Museum forums that soon figsinc. will be persuing the Marvel License.  I can only hope for reissues of these!  I would almost want naked Megos to restore them.  It is so much more fun.
6. HALLOWEEN GURLEY CANDLE SKULL- the one on the left.  THAT WAS halloween to me as a kid.  I gotta have it for the Monster Cafe one day.
7. IMAGINEERING VAMPIRE BLOOD BOTTLE-  This was another favorite of mine in my warped childhood.  All I want is the bottle.  It can be empty for all I care.  But at $75 on Ebay I will be in for a long wait.
8. GI JOE PLAYSETS- from 1982-1986.  I for some reason do not even want the figures. I just thought the playsets were cooler.  I have the APC but that is it.  Gotta get my joes back.  Especially this one the Outpost Defender.  This was SO cool!
9. AMAZING SPIDERMAN 200-250- Those were my Spidey issues.  I have 224 and 232 so they are out....But the others scream my childhood to me.
10. WINNIE THE POOH LAMP- This lamp was by my bedside to keep the monsters away when I was a kid.  I will always look on it fondly and will own one one day.  Besides the lamp I currently have SUCKS!  I have to use pliers to turn it off.