Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Yeah I am really reaching with the custom WWF stuff aren't I?  But hey, I had to do it.
Shawn Micheals used to have his woman Sherri Martel carry around a mirror for him to look at himself.  He was her Boytoy.  So when my artist did the Narcissist Lex Luger mirror he had some left over.  I had him make one.
I love how the reflection of the figure is in the mirror.  I however, do not have a Sherri figure.  This is a custom Edge holding it for Shawn.  My artist didn't put the black edge around the mirror and I am glad.  It didn't match HBK's attire anyways.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Had to be done.  The Hurricane Shane Helms just looked naked without it.  I probably should clean up the black stitches on it though.

Monday, October 28, 2013


We already have one from Jakks...Looked like this...
However I do not remember him with that coat to be honest.  My favorite version was the LJN one.  So...Since I had two blassies, I took the coats off and gave them to Billy and Chuck a tag team as their coats and I had this one made.
This STYLE I had made.  This was the LJN one.  Mine is below.

The collar looks a bit too jumbled up but hey...

Sunday, October 27, 2013

More improvements to Monster Cafe Saltillo...

Ughh...So the fire marshall declared a window in the cafe doesn't look right.  Boy this is becoming a nazi state isn't it?  So we had to remove the window and add this...
Looks a little more professional for a restaurant at least.  Notice the autographs of Spiderman from the liveaction tv movies, C3P0 and R2D2 and finally the Scooby Doo cast above.

Hey the chef seems to love it.  But now we are another thousand in the hole.  Texas is looking more and more distant.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


I have not been able to have any money to do the Boiler room as of yet.  Still fixing stuff for the fire marshall etc.  So I was looking around for little things for my artist to do.  I gave him the pic below...
I had no idea how he would approach this one.  I really thought he would be sculpting the two flame rods.

 WOW!  Never in my wildest imagination would I think he would use photographs with a wood backing.  They look great!  Very life like.   He even put a grey type base that looks like it holds the fireworks in it.  The ONLY thing wrong is you can see the ring ropes.
We did a pic of Xpac jumping like he does.  Had to cheat and use a rubber band for this shot.


Yeah I know...Pretty simple.  Remember when Kane interuppted my Jake Roberts getting married storyline?  Well they had a blindfold match afterwards.  Here they are!

Jake won....Just so ya know...

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Seinfeld custom made shirt!

Yeah....I have been making my own Tshirts for awhile now.  Mexico is the land of making stuff for me!  I have been making the wrestling playsets, wrestling clothes and now my own Tshirts!

I have wanted to make my own Tshirts for quite some time now.  I tried in Atlanta to do it.  I wanted to make my own Wrestlemania 3 shirt only to be told I needed to do 30 before they would even attempt it.  Well now I can!
I found this image on Google and wanted to put the logo on it as well.  This is what I have!  WHOOO!

I love it.  I love Seinfeld.  Be on the watch for more I will show.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My win from Goodwill Geek!

I have entered into a few contests in my time...But I REALLY wanted to win this.  I am a Mcdonaldland fan.  I had all the figures as a kid and was really hoping Huckleberry Toys would continue the tradition and make ALL of the characters.  Well, they quit after series 1.  Bummer.  Series 2 held so much promise.  The Fry Guys, the Professor, Officer Big Mac, and Birdie.

 Thanks to Derek at Goodwill geek!  I have Mayor McCheese!  He and Officer Big Mac were my favorites.
Goodwill Geek also sent me a few Universal Monster Cars, the Burger King Wolfman, and the Doller Store King Kong.  And a keen Frankenstein book.  I didn't feature them as this was the prize.  I sure hope some other company picks up where Huckleberry Toys left off.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist U,X,Y,Z DVD's I want!

I will do the final on movie DVD's of W next week.  This week I manage to get 4 letters of the alphabet in my wishlist.

1. Under the Rainbow- I remember this movie on HBO back in the day.  I remember at the end of the movie some midget dies in Germany or something.

2.Unfaithfully yours- I just love Dudley Moore.

3. Up the Academy- My father and I loved this film and would quote it often to each other.

4. Up the Creek- Flounder is in this one.  That is all.

5. Xmen first class 2- It is not out yet...But I KNOW I will want it.

6. Yellow Submarine- A classic.  Wish I had the Mcfarlane toys.

7. Young Guns- The brat pack version of the old west.

8. Young Guns 2- Even better than the first one.

9. Zombieland-  I have not seen this yet.  Heard it was great.

Monday, October 21, 2013

New things at Monster Cafe Saltillo

Civil Proteccion required I put all this crap into the cafe.  I hate them for that.  They really are bullies.  So we had to invest $3,000 to make it happen.  So here is a small sample...
 We had to put these handpainted expensive signs everywhere!  Gas valve signs.  There are 3 of them.  I am making the UGHHH face in protest.
 Route of Evacuation signs EVERYWHERE.  Showing how to escape the place.  The RUINED my door here making me paint this crap on it.  I am giving them my disapproving look now.
 This was the granddaddy of them all.  The fire escape ladder installed.  It is a thing of beauty though.  There is my metal guy Senor Cruz soddering it.  Love that guy!  See the gas line painted yellow at the bottom.  Yup.  More regulations from them.  They suck!
 This is the Fire Escape from the top.  What a pain in the arse it is.  Not to mention the insurance, fire extinguisher courses etc. they made me pay for.  Extra emergency lights etc.
It all makes me want to electrocute myself in the Monster Cafe electric chair!

So yeah $3,000 dollars later...No vacation to the U.S. for awhile.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Custom WWF Narcissist Lex Luger debut!

I really really really wanted to do the Boiler room next but with this gestapo Civil proteccion crap I have had to endure here in Saltillo I had to order something on my list that was a little cheaper.  Hence, this...
I missed Lex Luger's debut entirely!  I stopped watching the WWF in 1991 because I went to college.  I didn't pick it back up until 1993 September.  By then Luger had changed his gimmick to the All American guy.  Let's see what my artist came up with....
Not bad.  Not bad at all.  Wish I had the giant silver curtain to go with it but I didn't think it could work.

Bobby Heenan gushing over Lex was a little weird for me.
You love yourself don't you Lex!  Show the people a little more.  Don't tease us Lex.
I present to you the humonids, the NarCISSIST Lex Luger.  I always found it funny that Heenan couldn't say NARcissist...
Oh no!  Mr. Perfect has attacked Lex!  He pushed down Bobby Heenan!

I am SURE this is a custom no one ever thought was coming....HAHA

And since yesterday I posted it "where it belongs" in the Custom Accessory forum at and no one has commented.

Thanks to Mod John Zero for being a petty little pit stain for keeping the on life support Jakks forum free from my awesome customs.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Custom WWF broken arm sling!

I needed an arm sling for those wrestlers that get bashed in the arm alot.  HAHA...I have two girls that sew.  This was I will call Mother.  So mother sewed this one.  It is a little bulky but hey....I also found a Mexican flag that was the perfect size for my Mexican wrestlers.  So here Psychosis is proudly saluting his country and recooperating with the other arm.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

2013-2014 the year of RETRO!

I cannot BELIEVE I do not live in the states anymore.  Gosh darnit!

WOW!  I cannot believe the retro goodness coming out.  First this...
First these!  REAL Megos coming back.  I have talked about them before but WOW!  This Fire Marshall crap has to go away for me to be able to order these.  I must have em!  Teen Titans were announced too.  How long before they get the Marvel line?  It makes me really want to do a custom Batcave with my artist and stop the wrestling stuff for awhile...
The new 24 inch Alien by Neca.  This will probably be $200.  I don't care.  It is a must have.  I always dreaded going on Ebay for em...And this one is twice the size of the original!

Super 7 has the Universal license!  Really wanting to do a custom Remco Monster House but am stalling because I do not know what the figures look like yet.  I also would love these Alien figures.  Oh well.

And now....Round 2 has just announced they are repopping MARVEL WORLD!  OMG!  My new Holy Grail list is getting longer every minute...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist DVD's I want THE part 3

 So we are at the last part....Part 3 of THE!  Here goes...
1. THE Muppet Movie- Every kid saw this in 1979.  I was no exception.  Have not found anything muppety down here in Saltillo.

2. THE Notebook- Saw this movie after Dad died.  Broke my heart.  I was in tears leaving the theater with my then GF Jill.  Whatever happened to her?

3. THE Pack- This was also on HBO back in the day.  Killer dogs.  I still love dogs to this day though.

4. THE Rescuers- The original is great.  1978 I think it was.  Didn't care much for the sequel.  But hey...This DVD comes with both!

5. THE Running Man- Arnold at his finest.  Hey Christmas Tree!

6. THE Seduction- This movie made me horny as a kid.  Seriously.  Got me all tittlulated.

7. THE Stepfather- The sleeper hit of 1988.  Dad and I loved this film.  Waitaminute...Who am I here?

8. THE Sword and the Sorcerer- Someone's attempt to cash in on the Conan craze.  Sadly probably will never be released on DVD.

9. THE World according to Garp- I liked this quirky little film.  

10. THE Thing- This is the prequel of 2012.  Gotta see it.  And hey I needed a number 10.