Friday, April 27, 2018


So wifey and I went to Al Super just to take a gander at the new store....I turned the corner and low and behold...
NEW YORK SELTZER WATER!  I have not had this since at least 1985.  See my mother used to buy this all the time in Atlanta....I would drink it at her house...then suddenly Atlanta stopped carrying it.  I was SHOCKED to find this awesome product all the way down here in Saltillo.  I HOPE Al Super the grocery store, continues to carry it.
Just for those not familiar with it.  It had different flavors.  I picked out Vanilla and Black Cherry.  Downed them in one day of course.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Well Wifey and I have finally had it up to here with the selfishness of people.  People pay good money to go into museums here in Saltillo.  BUT they want to come in our place for free, take as many photos as they want, dirty our floor with their shoes, contribute nothing and leave.  Well it stops here.  Lie to our faces saying they were here to eat, use the bathroom and leave without dropping a dime.  Ugh.
 We made a new sign to hang at the entrance.  No more unescorted excursions....Sorry, had to borrow a like from the 1979 movie the Black Hole.  Now we stop potential rubberneckers at the door.  There is a cover to come in now....but if they consume something....a coffee, a sandwich or anything else, then we waive the cover charge.  People want to treat my place like a museum?  Well now ya got it.

Sunday, April 8, 2018


Well, we finally went to the old flea market in what has been like, forever for me.
Traded four old Jakks BCA extras I had for these two beauties.
A 1979 Imperial dinosaur...I call it a padrosaur.  Because I am too lazy to remember the thousand of dinosaur names...And I got an AWESOME Safari Chimera!  This Chimera is a thousand times better than the one LJN did for the Dungeons and Dragons line.  So happy with my pickups.

Pulgas had a few things on my list that I could not trade for too. 
TMNT Ratman, a Mattel Fandango, a 2002 MOTU Cyclone among others.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Controversial Thursday-TRIGGERING THE TOYBOX...

The toybox blog had to write a snarky comment about my um, stealing the Universal Monsters stuff for my cafe.  So I will hold my breath to see what he does with this.  A company called Farmville down here which sells corn to eat is using Alfred E. Neuman to sell their corn.  Unlicensed of course.  That is just how it is down here.  We love it.  Toybox can eat a bag of dicks.  Still waiting on a blogpost by this person bashing applebee´s, Chili´s and other places that has memorabilia in their places.