Monday, August 13, 2018


Hey, every little bit helps no?
 Went to the pulgas on Sunday and traded 7 things for these 4.  Remember my Hamilton Batman I scored around 6 months ago?  Well Superman was there just calling out to me. 
I also got this TMNT Fly figure.  I think the new figures make GREAT possible Batman the animated series villains.  I also got Batman Forever Robin and Lex Luthor in a green outfit with a gun.  Anyone want to explain this Luthor to me?  I was never able to see the entire run of Justice League

So that is it for this week...Maybe this month.  haha  But ever so slowly I am eliminating my giant wrestling figure extras collection and getting things I actually want.

Friday, August 3, 2018


So like I said in the previous post....I just went down there with wifey to settle this lawsuit which I won.

But the trip had an unexpected surprise.  Have I told you about the Lake Chapala society?  Well it comprises about 10,000 american expats that live in Ajijic that they all get together and do things.  They formed this society on a plot of land and they have a library with books in English....a DVD rental store etc.

They also had literally 2 thousand VHS that noone rents anymore.  I happened to pop in and that lady running the store said that the VHS were.........3 cents per tape.  So...........I bought 200 of them.
Did I say 200?  Yes I did!
They are in these boxes below me.
 ALL VHS tapes are in English too!  YES!
Look at that VHS goodness!  That is just one box!
V the original miniseries!  This has been one of my wants for years!
I even picked up some crappy tapes like this fish tank video.  AHHHH....all of the glorious VHS goodness that awaits me.
Having worked in a video store for 2 years in my youth, I was too happy to be getting these.
The original Empire Strikes back.  SO thrilled!  Hey these maybe common to you´s that live in the U.S. but VHS tapes here in Mexico are frickin rare.