Monday, May 28, 2018


So after the pulgas run we went out to one of the Arteaga neighborhoods.
 We saw this beautiful golden horse tied up in a neighbor´s yard.  Imagine this in the U.S.!  This thing is common in Mexico.  Isn´t he amazing?
This huge waterfall actually goes under the street and through people´s properties!  I looked over a wall with help and found it goes through someone´s carefully constructed yard.  Wow. 
Got a vista of the mountains in the back.
Wifey getting a good pic in.
Just so cool to have found this.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


So we took the week off last week.  Needed a HUGE break.  Traded some more of my overstock wrestling figures...
Got these in exchange!
1. 3 TITAN HEROES IRONMEN- Since I have a weird Sentinel obsession, I will have Ray do these one day.

2.  TOYBIZ KRAVEN THE HUNTER- Yeah!  My toybiz collection is slowly growing once again.  I sold them all off in a time of grief back in 2003.  I had them all too.

3.  MATTEL WWF ADAM ROSE- This guy was in the WWF for a cup of coffee.  So glad to get such a rare figure now as there will probably not be more of him made.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Since I will be 46 this year....I have become quite tired of running the Monster Cafe.  Started thinking about what I want to do with my life.  So this post is basically a fantasy.  Hopefully one day this will come about...

Would love to buy a van that wifey and I could travel and sleep in to tour the U.S. Been youtubing Vanlife and there are people that live year round in the thing.
Just imagine...
 1. Visiting all of the national parks.  I understand you can stay up to 2 weeks in any federal  Would love to do some real hiking.
 2. Going on a cattle drive like in the movie City Slickers!  How cool would that be to bring in a herd in a week.  Living as a cowboy!  I promise not to bring my electric coffee grinder!
3. Toy conventions-  Should be easy to plan out.  Just drive to the state the day before it opens etc.  I have watched many a youtube video about them and have been drooling.  After 6 years of doing my blog, I still want my childhood back.
4. Six flags and all other parks- That would be a blast.  To ride every single roller coaster and ride in the U.S.  Especially at Halloween time to see the parks all decked out.  Would be monsterously cool.
5. Animal Grabbers- Gotta get to Florida to do a collection of these babies.  I have always wanted one since seeing the shark one from E.T.  Elliot was playing with it and showing E.T. what it was.
6. Anytime Fitness-  It is open 24 hours a day and has 7k locations in the U.S.  Get your workout on and if you need a  They have tanning booths too!  It would give me great ideas for my own gym I want to make down here.
7. Trampoline parks- for even more exercise!  We would be in shape all over the country.  I never knew such a thing could exist when I was a kid.  I would have loved the heck out of it.  NEVER had a trampoline in my life.  Only been on two as a matter of fact.  One at my evil brother´s and one at an exgirlfriends.
8. Wrestling conventions- Been wanting to visit some my whole life.  If I had had proper guidance counseling...someone to take an interest in me when I was younger...I would have loved for anyone to suggest for me being a professional wrestler.  My cousin Bonnie finally could see my passion for it and told me...BUT I was already 33 and I was too old for it.  Would love to see these legends that not many give a damn about anymore.
 9. AMC theaters- They have just instituted a $5 moratorium.  They have promised forever that their movie tickets will be just 5 bucks a movie!  Be great to get out of the van for a few hours and into some great AC!  I saw the last crappy Star Wars movies but that has been it.  Have not been to a movie besides those in 12 years living down here.  I seriously need to catch up and this would be a great way to do it.
10. Wax Museums-Be great to tour all of these.  Get pictures with the stars.
 11.- Visit where many of my favorite movies have been shot.  This one is Kramer vs. Kramer in the deli scene where Dustin Hoffman shatters the glass against the wall.  They even have a little framed pic still to this day where Streep and he sat.
12. Visit dinosaur museums- oh yeah baby! Anyone that has read this blog knows I am nuts for them.  Would love to see as many as possible.
13. Visit the different Rocky Horror casts- I was the creation. Rocky Horror, in many shows in Atlanta and New York.  But what about the rest of the country?  Gotta get my Rocky on!  Not performing mind you, just go to see it.  My wifey has never seen Rocky live.  She is a virgin as they say.  Gotta give her the experience.
 14. Visit the natural caves all over the U.S.- There are so many!  I should cosplay as Batman to video myself but I think the heat would be too much.
15. The waterparks-  Gotta visit them.  I am a sucker for em!  I only ever did White Water in Atlanta.

Just a sampling of what I wanna do.  I have done it all in my life, except this.  I studied acting in New York, did a Monster Cafe, and this seems like the next step.  I was such a homebody for all my life.  Never wanted to travel or do anything.