Friday, March 29, 2013

Ordered something else to be made...

Guys....the scaffold match is a thing of beauty.....ONE of these days I will have means to photograph it...Well my little artist guy was here the other day and for only a few bucks I ordered something else.  The Buried alive playset!
Oh yeah....Since Mattel nor Jakks will make one...It is again up to me!

It is even going to come with a little tombstone.  Only saying Buried Alive of course.  
He is going to put plastic grass on it and polyurithane coating for the dirt etc.  I told him to make it strong as it will probably take a pounding.
This is what I DO NOT want!  How boring!  I am going to have plastic grass but man...The above is too neat to be done.  I like a little dirt...I like patches of baldspots in my grass etc.
And this royally sucks....It is what happens when kids try to customize things...But I want mine done professionally.  One that will last for years.
I am sure it will be alot better than this....

I promise you guys I will have a camera again soon.  
The artist doing it is the same one that did all of the Monster lifesized figures, and my DC and Dungeons and Dragons sign.  I am sure he will not disappoint with this.

The Buried Alive match concept came about in October of 1996 and even had a PPV named after it.  It was revolutionary at the time.  I think they have had 5 in total.  Plan on using mine alot!  I am sure it could also double for an MU display.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Controversial Thursday- I don't get it...

Yeah I don't get it.  Welcome one and all to Controversial Thursday where no topic is off limits.  Anything that I wish to complain about gets done....This week....Is I don't get it.  What do I not get?  This...
Oh yeah...I also don't get this...
Oh and this too....
Here is one last one...
What does all of this have in common?  Fans go crazy for this crap....That is what I do not get!  I hated this stuff even as a kid.  I don't get how any fan of these items likes these baby toys.  They look ridiculous.  I wonder what is the appeal.  I mean I watched Star Wars and never saw any of the characters look like blockheads!  Same with Terminator 2.  I don't get why people go crazy for these things.  I think they are wastes of plastic myself.  The toy company could have made an accurate 3 inch or 4 inch or whatever realistic looking figure.  Instead we got blockheads.  Childish crap really.  In the real world....I would, if a friend asked me over to show me his collection of this stuff...I might slap him silly.  Who collects this?  This stuff should be in the kiddie aisle at Toys R Us.  Oh wait, it is!  

I know all of our collection tastes are not the same....But damn.  Have some dignity.  Lucy from Peanuts hated blockheads and so do I.  If I ever start collecting these things then send me a pacifier!
This is so retarded....Full blown retarded!
I mean really collectors...If you bought the above...where did your balls go?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday- Top 10 CD's I want!

Yeah...I am still stuck on CD's....I have not learned the whole download music thing.  Wish I could learn it.  I would much rather have this music on a Kingston USB then a CD...Oh well...My top 10 list that I wished I possessed.
1. Batman the animated series- This is different music from the Mask of the Phantasm CD.  This covers the scope of the show.

2. Conan the Barbarian-  Great soundtrack!  I HAD it and sold it when my father died.  Big mistake!

3. Elvira's Haunted hits-  Had this too and sold it when Dad died.  I really liked this.  The cover is awesome too.

4. Evanescance- I had this TOO!  Some jackass waiter stole it in Monster Cafe.  The music is first rate.  Helped alot through my father's passing.
5. Friday the 13th music- the CREEPIEST music ever composed IMO.  Love it.  Wish I had these CD's!

6. The Goodbye Girl broadway- This was one of the first Broadway shows I had ever seen.  Loved the soundtrack.  It is a bit hard to find today.  My own mother stole mine.

7. Grease- This music moves me.  I have never owned this CD.

8. Kickboxer- This music MAKES me want to workout!  I need it bad!  I am 40 now and do not want to start looking badly.

9. Raiders of the lost ark- Wow....this music puts me right back into 1981.  I had this CD at one point.  It was another casualty of Dad dying.
 10. Star Wars-This music also puts me back into my childhood.  How can I not have this?  I have episodes 1-3!!!  This is a must get someday!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Toy Tuesday- Superhero mania!

Yeah so I got a few discounted DVD's at Blockbuster yesterday.
The Dark Knight Rises!  WHOOO!  I have not seen it yet as most of the movies that come to Saltillo at the theater are DUBBED into Spanish...Ughhh...major letdown.  So I have to wait until the DVD comes out before I see anything.  I mean El Chavo comes on in the U.S. but do we dub it into English?  No....So why does it have to be done here?  Anyways why is Bane talking like Sean Connery? 
Chronicle-  I have seen the advertizements about this flick.  Looks like something I would like.  And I did.  Wifey and I loved it.  I would love the power that they had.

These two were on my DVD wishlist.  So I can erase them now.  Oh, I also got Piranha 2 DD!  That was not on my list but since I figured I had part one, how could part 2 be bad?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- Cups or glasses I want Top 10

I am really stretching this thing out ain't I?  But I love character glasses.  Always have.  Always will.  So...My Top 10 list!  I WISH I had these.  I never drink anything out of a non character glass or cup at home. But I am missing these....So here goes...
1. Star Wars plastic cups with figure- OBVIOUSLY this would be number one!  They made cups for all 6 movies with figures.  I never got any of them because Dad had died and I was not collecting anything back then.  Man....They even made variations of them.  This tickles my nostalgia button like never before.  I MUST own these one day.  These are PLASTIC TOO!  Which means it is very hard to break them.
2. Original vintage Marvel glasses-  Wowie!  I love these.  It invokes such memories.

3. Target Marvel glasses-  Yup...I stole ole Super's pic.  I have the DC set and it is quite awesome.  I never even saw these Marvel ones till I visited his blog one day.
4. Mcdonaldland-  Oh yeah...What kid in the seventies did not have these?  They are so awesome!  They are must haves!  I think my favorite is Big Mac.

5. Target vintage video game-  Oh yeah.  Look at those graphics!  I have never seen these at Target either.  

6. Target Star Trek-  Oh my goodness!  I REALLY envy you guy's living in the states.  Look at what is out at Target!

7. Toon Tumblers- Some cup company makes these.  Never seen one in the flesh either.  They have made scores of them though.
8. WWF glasses-  I was a huge WWF fan back in the day.  Hogan was the man.  I would love these.
9. Target Star Wars-  Can I just LIVE in Target please?!?!!?  WOW!  Retro looking cups!  So jealous.  Need these.
10. Raiders of the lost Ark glasses-  Yeah with EVERYTHING being redone...Why not these?  These are rare and sold recently for $500 each....

Saturday, March 9, 2013

My own comic book rack!

My chef had to take the pic.  Not a very good one...Hopefully I can post more.

Hopefully he added more pics.  I decided to go with a straight front facing one rather than a spinning rack.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The book that started Monster Cafe Saltillo!

I remember it vividly...It was circa 1978.  My school Northwoods elementary was having a bookfest.  I didn't collect many books back then.  Dad was an avid reader but I just was not.  Those times were glorius times for me living with Dad.  He finally had custody from the wicked witch of the west and I was in heaven. Anyways a book intrigued me.  I may have talked about it before on this blog but I was thinking about it again....Not to mention that every blogger this side of the U.S. has commented on it...Well here is my turn...
Movie Monsters by Alan Ormsby...Now I had never even seen a Universal Monster movie at that point except an excerpt from House of Frankenstein a few years earlier.  But nonetheless I bought it.  I think it was probably 35 cents or something back then.  The book gave a brief overview of all the Monsters...
Then it gave a howto guide on how to be a monster yourself.  How to use home appliances and things around the house to turn yourself into a monster.

I used to love pretending I was Dracula.  King of the Monsters.  HAD NEVER even seen Dracula yet though.  But somehow I knew...
This crappy Winnie the Pooh box was my coffin that I would rise up in....Apparantly My version of Dracula liked a little honey....And a little pooh...Wait...That is gross...

The above pic is Brown Bag Frankenstein.  Awesome!  To turn a simple brown bag into frankenstein's head.

Painting it...Putting yarn on it for hair.

How to reinforce it so the bag didn't tear...

At the end you looked like your own version of Frankenstein.

At the very end of the book it shows you how to do a Monster show.  I LOVE this book!  It was very instrumental in my love for the monsters and spawning the seed for me to open my cafe.  I was sad.  I wanted the book to be in the cafe.  But I didn't have my copy...

Wouldn't you know it....A customer photocopied me one and binded it and gave it to me!  Why he chose THIS book is beyond me...But there it was.  I have it on my shelf now.  It is not as good as the original of course because it is just xeroxed pages but hey...It sure did transport me like it did way back when in starting a new love for the monsters.

This would probably one book I would take with me to a deserted island.