Sunday, December 31, 2017

PULGAS RUN 8! Strange apparitions!

Had no money once again...but we went to the old flea market.  Got 2 goodies that were on my list. Traded 2 Jakks BCA´s...
Toybiz Dr. Strange and Total Justice Batman!  Had them both when they originally came out in 97-98...but alas, when Dad died I sold my collection.  Ugh.  I will have to redo these guys with some nifty capes.  Fix them right on up!

They also had the imaginext Supernova there that is a wishlist item for sure.  I just do NOT have the space for that frickin thing.  Eh, perhaps next year.  We went on December 24th.  Very few dealers were there.  Very few people were there.  I thought it would be packed.  Got these two beauties.  Only around a thousand more toys to go.

I am surprised I have not found one single Reaction figure down here.  I am sure the kids have no idea who those characters when they hit I am sure I will hit the motherload.

Friday, December 15, 2017


We have not had snow in years.  At least in the city.  Beautiful but what a frickin nuisance!
The terraza was covered with the crap.
And because of the huge church it did not melt for days.  The church casts a huge shadow which prevents sunlight from getting in.  AND it has the added bonus of leaking through my roof and getting my bed wet with around 40 gallons of water.  Isn´t that great?  AND no one goes to Monster Cafe to eat when it is frickin snowing and raining...So I have another added bonus of having NO money to fix this disaster.  AND it is going to rain for 5 straight days.
So we went to Arteaga again.
Saw this unique carving in a tree.
Snow can be enjoyable when one doesn´t have to work.
So flippin cold outside!  Gots to huddle together!
A small creek I am standing next to.

Afterwards a meal in San Antonio de las anas!

A small cliff that has been coverted into some kind of Mary worship place.

I hope one day to be able to move to a warmer area.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


So I brought more to trade with the flea market.  More of those frickin wrestling figures I bought too many of thinking people would buy them from me.  Nope.  They are sitting on the monster cafe shelves just rotting for the past 9 fricking years. Oh well.  Time to put them to some good use.

Got 3 Marvel Universe 3.75 inch figures.  Guardian, The Leader, and Titanium man!  Awesome gets!  This makes my second and last Guardian.  They were the policeman for the Vault to haul away the superpowered criminals!

The Rock R3- I could never find a good rock figure.  Well that search is over now.  He may be my world champion someday.

Fisher price little people- YES!  Stoked!  I normally hate baby toys as you know.  But these are from my childhood so they get a pass.  She had so many.  Saw three dogs.  But I weedled it down to just these 6.  I hope I can find one of the playsets down here oneday.

So this was an excellent run at the pulgas.  Too happy.