Wednesday, April 27, 2016


So I got these a few years ago from the comic book shop in Laredo.  I love the black and white movies yet however hate black and white figures!

So Ray went to work...
 These are glorified statues anyways.  They only move their arms.  So I glued them in place.
 Ray added that resin for that wet look.  I love it!

Added some wood and plastic flowers for the base.  So awesome now!

Much better than the black and white no?

I will do the other two at another time.

Saturday, April 23, 2016


I was so stoked when Toybiz released this guy.  But then I got to kaybee toys and huh?  He didn´t look much like his comic book counterpart.  No beak or spikey tail etc.
They should have made the one from the comic.  But even then...Victor Stegron had combined his DNA with dinosaur stuff!  Dinosaurs are HUGE!  The character should have been Hulksized.

When I received him in a cheapo broken toy lot I knew Ray had to go to work fast.
 AS you can see mine came with no lower jaw.  Oh no!  Eh, Ray will fix it good.
Not to mention that but his frickin leg was broken off too.  You could not tell that from the Ebay photo.  It looked intact...  Damage control!
 Remember Manspider was mutated and fought back against the Lizard in part one.
 But what is this?  Stegron appears!
He bops Manspider on  the head!
The bop changes Manspider back to Spiderman!  Stegron scoops him up.
The Toybiz Stegron never looked betta!  Ray did awesomely!  Look at that custom tail!
The beak looks great!

So thrilled to have Stegron actually LOOK like Stegron!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Remember the broken toy lot?  Toybiz Manspider was in it.  It was missing his chompers and the two upper arms.  I had to have Ray fix it.

 Spidey is battling his friend Doc Conners.  But Spiderman drank something before he started the fight...
 The battle is ferocious.  However Peter is feeling light headed over the strange potion he drank in Conner´s lab..
 Spidey almost falls faint in the fight.  His body is changing!
 He becomes...........Manspider!  Boy Ray did a fantastic job on the chompers.  They are a bit longer than the original but I love em.
 A wire runs through the upper two arms linking them together.
 Manspider being much larger than the lizard easily conquers him!
ARGHHHH!  Manspider wins!  Um...for now.....

Stay tuned to part 2 of the amazing formulas of Doctor Curt Conners and Spiderman!

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Not sure about the rest of you but I loved the Onslaught storyline in the Xmen in 1996.  Turning Professor X bad was just cool.  The whole thing.  With him recruiting Post, and Holocaust etc.

I wish I had never sold my comics of it.  One day I will get them again.

 So thrilled to have this figure back again.  I had them all in the nineties.  But when my father died I sold everything.  I was in mourning.  I found this in a lot of action figures on Ebay.
Posing him in front of the fire just seemed so cool.  I really wish Toybiz had continued.  They stopped making Marvel figures around 1998 if my memory is right.  Just think what we could have had!

The next Xmen storyline was operation zero tolerance.  We could have had Bastian and a better Sentinel army.  It could have been awesome.

Friday, April 15, 2016


And I mean that seriously.  I have found some ok things down here in Mexico.  But NOTHING like this.  That is why I call this the haul of hauls.  Are you with me?  I mean....This was a flea market in MEXICO!  I was shocked.  Wifey and I went to the pulgas one Sunday.  I did not expect to find too much.  Maybe 2 or 3 figures on my list as per usual.  So I picked up a GI JOE figure for Ray to do a custom with and I saw this out of the corner of my eye...
Um...I usually never cuss but holy crap!  The 1980 Darth Vadar carrying case I had as a kid!!!  Really?  I would expect to find this in the U.S. at a comic show but not out in a parking lot in the hot sun in frickin Saltillo.  I put the Gi joe figure down and asked how much this was.  25$ American dollars.  Without hesitation I told my wife to get out the pesos.
Wait....The case actually had 20 vintage Star Wars figures in it!  What is that?  An original Yoda WITH snake!  I was bowled over.
It even had their guns in the side pocket!  OMG!

I had this in 1980.  I never thought I would own this again.  Honestly.  It was something that was not even on my radar.  The figures yes, the playsets definitly.  But the case?  Not in a million years.  I filled it with some of the figures I got last year to make it fuller looking.

I am so happy to have this by accident.  So happy.  I wonder what other treasures are out there that I do not have to pay exorbate prices on ebay for.  Can I get my entire childhood back?

Now if I could just find a GI JOE carrying case full of figures...and a Heman...and a Sectaurs etc.  haha

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


So jazzed to find this guy.
 He does not come with claws of course.  What do you expect at the flea market.  Ray could easily make some though.
So as of this date...These are the only 2 Secret Wars figures I have in my possession.  I had most of them back in 1984.  Would love to have again someday.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Remember this?  Ray made this from me from some Gulliver Marvel guys I found.  I was going to let it go as is but my wife threw my shirt and it accidently hit the piece and knocked off a few of the figures.  So............

I decided to have Ray make it better.  Thor as you see needed a cape etc.
 NOW it looks spectacular!  Ray did a great job with the logo.  It is on wood screwed into the base.
 Love these gulliver plastic figures.  WISH I could find either the Hulk, Black Panter, or Silver Surfer to complete it.  Looks weird with one space missing.
Look.  Ray even molded a cape for Thor.  Pretty awesome work.

Friday, April 8, 2016


So wifey and I were doing our monthly cleaning of our home and I was sweeping...

I went to put the broom against the wall to pick up the dustpan....And...
 The frickin broom was standing up by itself!  I could not believe it.  In all my years this has never happened.
 Spooky!  I thought it might come to life ala Fantasia!
 No strings above!
 No strings on the side of it!
 I even hugged it with one leg!
It is magic!  MAGIC I TELLS YA!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


One of the things I love about the pulgas is you never know what one will find.
 I got my first baby Spinosaurus figure from JP3!
 He looks awesome.  I love the JP dinosaur figures.
Now I have someone for my JP3 Raptor to pal around with.  I need more.  Am missing the triceratops and friends.

Monday, April 4, 2016


I only have Black Lightning and Zaurial.

Yeah!  So I have four of the Justice League now.  Flash and GL are welcome additions.  I gotta find the rest someday.

That leaves Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Atom, Martian Manhunter, Impulse, Darkseid, Parallax, Red tornado,....boy the list is huge isn´t it?  There are more but these are off the top of my head.