Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 TV Shows C,D,E,F list on DVD.

Yup....All of this week's Wednesday Wishlist has to do with TV shows and has to do with the letters C,D, E, and F... These are shows I will get one day but do not have right now.
1. Captain American TV movies-  Yes I consider these to be tv shows...They did two movies starring Reb Brown.  They are essential to any kid that was born in the seventies...

2. DC superheroes- I saw very few of these but is DC on DVD!  Gotta have them!

3. Different Strokes season 3- I have seasons one and two so far.  Gotta get this!  In fact this may be number one on my list!  This TV show really sparked something in me as a kid.  

4. Different Strokes season 4- Again this show is awesome.  Yes I EVEN liked it when little Danny was introduced onto the show.  Mr. Drummond is definitely my TV father.  He had good morals and tried to bring the kids up right.

5. Drak Pack- This was tailormade for my little monster self.  I only watched two or three episodes.  Hey, it was 1980!  My attention span was constantly being fubared....

6. Eight is Enough season 1- Yes I saw a few of these too.  I love shows like this.
7. Fat Albert complete series-  Remember I grew up in Atlanta so I identified with these guys.  

8. Flintstones season 6- I have the first 5 on DVD.  I have no idea why.  I never watch them.  But I am a collectionist.  I NEED to sit down and give them a serious looking through.

9. Flintstones prime time specials- Oh yeah...Look at them.  I think they were called the Gruesomes but I might be wrong.  This and Drak Pack sure did leave an impression on my mind about monsters.

Monday, May 27, 2013


I really into doing WWF stuff right now.  I think it is because there is a lack of Marvel Universe, Star Wars etc.  But really there is also a lack of Mattel WWE stuff too.  Which is why I am making my own stuff.  It is my way to continue to collect.  DVD's are nice but this is really cool.  I had my artist make a few more things...Here are the previews.  I can't wait till I see the real things he finishes though.

1. Sidehighwall match-  Yeah I totally made that up.  There were really no wrestling playsets outside of a ring back in the day.  So a child was forced to improvise.  I had a cardboard box that I used to cart my wrestling figures around in.  So I had the idea of putting it on the side of the ring and using it.  Thus the sidehighwall match was born.  I had so much fun with that cardboard box!  Legendary and bloody feuds with the Legion of Doom vs. other tag teams.  So this time will be different.  I have commissioned a strong wood box and this time covered in chicken wire.  Oh man...I can just imagine the carnage that will ensue.  So this box is dedicated to my childhood.

2. Barbed wire tables-  I cannot find these Jakks toys at all.  Never saw them in stores...So...I figured I would have two of them made.  Maybe in the future I will do the barbed wire bats as well.

3. RAW letters entrance stage-  Oh yeah....This is probably what I am most excited for.  I plan on doing an entire Arena and this is just the beginning!  I just wish the WWE would bring back the RAW logo letter stage.  It looked great!

Friday, May 24, 2013


In 1987 I first started watching the WWF because a friend of mine Jeremy Royal and a friend who I have forgotten the name of had an LJN Jimmy Snuka figure.  I bought the figure from him and that was the start of my journey.  One of the first times I watched it was WWF Superstars.  The first match was Randy Savage vs. Tiger Chung Lee....But the Snake pit was on next...

This segment was fascinating.  I totally believed Honky Tonk Man hated Jake Roberts.  It set up their feud perfectly.  

I have to say the artist is a genius!  This piece is even more amazing than the Buried Alive set.  He faithfully captured it in perfect detail!  It is durable for play.  The only thing about these pictures is it is TOO much light.  The thing is much better with it a little darker.
 So frickin cool!  This is even better than the Buried Alive set!  And I have been planning to sew a cool shirt and pants for Jake as he never wore his ring gear on the Snake pit.
He even got the two mini waterfalls right!  Just needs a little white paint to fully bring it out.
 This is how the back of it looks.  Easy to put up if I have to.  Not as big as the Scaffold match or the Buried alive match.

Uh oh....Honky Tonk Man is backstage awaiting to come on.  I should have photographed Jimmy Hart too but I had to find the figures fast.
Watch out Jake!  Honky is winding up ready to play his tune on your head!
 And it's lights out for that dreadful snake!  This set up their Wrestlemania 3 match!
 Uh oh...Got caught playing with my toys again....
Oh well I might as well...Get em Honky!

I do not have the Mattel Jake Roberts.  Hopefully someone nice out there will just send me one for free for being the ultimate fan....hehe...

What should I do next?  The mind boggles....But let me tell you...The other interview areas I could do would just not stand up to this one in any way!  So for now they are on indefinite hold while I contemplate what to produce next.  What is next in my mind though is another WWF playset....

But after all that I am going to tackle the old Mego, Marx, and Remco playsets of my youth.  Oh yeah I have big things planned!

Also sign this petition to try to get Jake Roberts into the Royal Rumble 2014!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist DVD Movie K edition...

Oh yeah...It is Wednesday Wishlist top 10 K list of DVDs I am looking for.  So let's start off shall we?
1. KPAX- This little gem of a movie stars Lex Luthor and Obadiah Stane...Nevermind...But it is a good movie no?

2. Kickboxer- This is an awesome movie.  I love it to pieces!  Great training music for you workout guys out there.

3. Kill and Kill Again- This was an HBO staple in my youth.  I wanted to be the Fly.

4. Kill or be killed- I think this was the first and the above was the sequel.  Gotta get these one day.  They were on HBO back then and my friend Brett and I would play karate guys.

5. King Ralph- Great John Candy movie...Oh I mean John Goodman movie.  He becomes a king!

6. Kingpin- My friend Russell recommend I see this and I wasn't disappointed.  Milk came out my nose when the goat was introduced.

7. Krull- An HBO staple that I do not remember much of.
8. Kate and Leopold- This movie taught me how to act like a gentleman.  We should all rise when a woman leaves the room.

9. King Kong 1933-This was one of my father's first movies.  He told me the time where he stayed in the cinema all day watching this over and over and my grandfather at around 6pm found him and grabbed him by his ear to get him out of the theater.  I think Dad also gave me a love of the classic monsters to this day.

10. Krippendorf's tribe-  This was a blink or you miss it at the theater.  A cute little story to be sure.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

After all these years I finally know the name!

LION ROCK!  Another piece of my childhood is now in place!  I have asked at the MegoMuseum back when I was a member in good standing before the site owner banned me just for stating I didn't like he had to watermark ALL his pictures...I publically apologize if I ruffled his feathers.  But hey it was Controversial Thursday.  Anything goes.

But anyways No one knew the answer. A Mego Type guy that I was for SURE was a Mego... In a random Ebay search I finally have the answer!
A company called Lion Rock made this.  The Snow trooper above.  I had this guy as a kid.  I made him my Iceman to hang out with the other Marvel Megos.  He is dated 1975.  I do not own the figure mind you, it is just a swipe off of Ebay.  But at LEAST I have the knowledge now.
They came out with others as well.  These are the only ones I found on the net.  

I wonder if Figures toy company could re release these?  Time will tell.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Funday- NEW DVDS!

Oh yeah!  My wifey really wanted la femme nikita season 3 and decided to order it.  Thing is...We had a little money left over....So I ordered some high profile movies on my list...

1. Emmet Otter's jugband christmas-  I FINALLY GOT IT!  WHOOOOO!!!!!  But this time Wifey will see it with me so we can both cry in our sleep over this classic Christmas tale.  I have wanted this for forever....EVEN when VHS was the only option out there!  And this has another Nyda connection.  She made me and my other brothers and sister come over her house for Christmas...This is the ONLY thing I wanted to see then and was ignored most of the time.  But Nyda was too selfish to let her youngest child see this and it was ALWAYS something else on TV that SHE wanted to see.  So this is great.  I can watch it all the times she denied me...So guess what?  Nyda 0 Matty 2 now!  F you Nyda!

2. Harold and Maude-  Since Wifey is 13 years older than me...I thought this was perfect for us.  Unfortunetly Nyda introduced me to this film.  Perhaps she wanted as an older person to get it on with her own son.  Wouldn't surprise me.  She used to lie naked in bed and call each of the sons in one at a time to talk to them.  What a sicko.

3. La Femme Nikita season 3- I have watched the first two seasons with her TWICE now....Gotta see more even though I am a little sick of it.  My real only connection to Nikita is it used to come on right after RAW during the Monday Night Wars with WCW.  So I would usually watch about 5 minutes of it.

4. Bugs Bunny Howloween special-  oh yeah....FOUND this in Mexico of all places.  Now my Halloween collection is complete.  I have everything from my youth pre witness times.
5. SIX PACK-  Loved this movie as a kid!  It is great.  Hokey and cheesy and just how i like it!  It is so good!  This was part of my Amazon order.  Came brand new as well!

7. Fisher King-  Found this gem in Mexico as well.  WOWIE!  Robin Williams is fantastic in this masterpiece.

Now she wants to order La Femme Nikita seasons 4 and 5...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

League Assignment- Star Trek

Oh yeah....Now I am not a Star Trek junkie....I think I am a casual fan.  I never watched it as a kid and always wondered what all the fuss was about.  I bought all of the three original series on DVD.  Bought season 1 on DVD of the next generation.  I wanted the Mego dolls as a kid but never got any.
EMCE has re released them...But damn EMCE....They are about as expensive as REAL Megos are on Ebay now.  You gotta water the market more dudes!  $50 for a figure is ridiculous.

Diamond Select is releasing these now.  They look amazing but a little limited on the articulation.

Mark these words...One day I will have the figures and have my art guy make an Enterprise bridge....One day that is...

And here are 3 other leaguers and their thoughts on Star Trek.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday- Top 10 Mattel Basic WWE figures I want

Let's see now...I have done Wishlist Wednesday on Jakks, LJN etc.  Now it is time for Mattel.  I love Mattel figures and pretty much hate Jakks RA line.  I love Mattel basics AND Elite!  They are so much fun to play with.  I SO wish Mattel releases more legends in the basic line.  The price point is so much better than their Elite line.  With that said....Here is my top 10 list for Mattel Basics...
1. Ultimate Warrior in blue-  Wow...This was his Wrestlemania 4 gear when he fought Hercules.  I love this look.  My figure fed desperately needs him as the NWO is running roughshod over everyone.
2. Bret Hart- Bret Hart is my favorite wrestler of all time.  Love his work.  I watch his matches alot.  Gotta have this one.  I am using the Toybiz one right now as a heel in the NWO.  Gotta get this one to join with Warrior as a face to fight against Hogan and crew.
3. Eddie Guerrero in black- He would join my NWO...

4. Steve Austin- He would join with the Warrior and Bret as a united front against the NWO.

5. Booker T- I have the Toybiz one in a tag team called Harlem Heat with Jakks Jacqueline as their manager.  I would love to have this figure to break out on his own.
6. Randy Savage- I have the Toybiz one also as a heel with the NWO.  Gotta get this figure so he can join the United Front.

7. John Cena-  Yup...There are MILLIONS of this guy out and I do not have one.  Cannot find the guy in Mexico.  Well I cannot really find ANY in Mexico but...

8. Ted Dibiase- He would fund the United Front...But since he was in series frickin 1, I will probably never own him in this lifetime...

9. Brock Lesnar- Gotta have Brock.  A pure tank.  He would steamroll over everyone.

10. Hart Dynasty- I would have Bret eventually form the Hart Foundation with them.  

So that is it.  I really do not have ANY Mattel WWE basics but these would be at the top of the list.  As you can see...Mexico sucks for toys.  I am still playing with my Toybiz ones and they were released 13 years ago...