Saturday, June 29, 2013

Refresher course! The things I collect...

I so hope and pray someone comes in with a boatload of this stuff and I give him free beer and food till the cows come home....But snap...Back to reality....Here is a list of things I currently collect...
1. DVD movies- oh yeah...I am a movie buff.  I have a wishlist of over 300.  But at least I continue to chip away at it.  The good thing is that I can find alot in Mexico.

2. Marvel Universe 3 inch figures-  The figures I have always wanted from my childhood in the correct scale.    I have made a small dent into it but I have have along way to go.  Again they are in Mexico sometimes which is good.  The last time I saw them though was a year ago.

3. GI Joe- but really only the playsets and vehicles and the 25th anniversary ones.  I do not like the eighties joes although I did collect them.  Their vehicles were better.  Not found in Mexico.

4. Marvel Essentials and DC showcase presents-I love this literature.  It is big and chock full of stuff.  Yeah it SUCKS being in black and white but oh well...Never found in Mexico.

5. Figure model kits- I hate cars, trains, planes, and boats....I love figure kits though.  Especially monster ones.  Again, not in Mexico.

6. Monster stuff- I need it for the cafe really.  Thousands of people see it every year which is awesome.  But none here in Mexico.

7. Funko bobbleheads-  I only have ONE....The Trix Rabbit....Sure would like more.  But finding them in Saltillo or Mexico for that matter is like finding gold....Never gonna happen.

8. Mattel WWE basic and elite figures-  The best wrestling figure line hands down.  I have most of the Jakks and would trade them out in a heartbeat to acquire these...Sometimes very few are here to whet my appetite.  But there sits Chavo Guerrero on the shelves.  No new product in 2 years.
9. Making my own stuff-  Yeah I had this Wolfman made for the Monster Cafe.  I LOVE making my own stuff down here!  Or having it made.  I am like such a kid with all the wrestling stuff coming out.  Stuff that the toy companies would never make.  I am in Paradise with all of this.

Most of what I listed should be on that list but....

I would love to be able to get the Planet of the apes, 

WGSH remake,

 Star Trek etc. in the 8 inch line.  They are all being remade but will never see Mexican land.  I would have to order them and with shipping and the cost of them...It is too much for my Mexican peso.  I have enough on my collecting plate...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Adding vines to the snake pit!

So I felt the Snake pit was lacking....So my artist came over and painted some vines on them.  Except get this...The type of paint he used was that stuff that we used to paint onto Tshirts that made them puffy.  We could write whatever we wanted on the shirt and it would puff up.

I think it looks 10 times better than before!  Really proud to have it as part of my little wrestling collection...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Racism in Saltillo

Living in Mexico I have come across more than once the issue of racism.  On Friday night for no reason whatsoever a man took issue with the music we played.  He didn't like it.  I told him he was welcome to bring his own CD next time to play it.  He was with a group getting pretty drunk.  We treated them very well.  All of a sudden he starts singing Pinche Pilone which means ....Let me throw it through Google Translate...

  • Scullion, male counterpart to Scullery maid, servant who performed menial kitchen jobs (washing, cleaning, etc.) in large households during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

That is what Pinche means.  Pilone means bald.  I know that one.  So he was calling me a bald renaissnance maid....Hmm....

Then the others in the group started to mock me.  Right on my own property!  JUST for being an American.  The man goes to the bathroom and graphitti's the racist words in the Monster Cafe bathroom.  So I have his words in his handwriting.  Not too smart. 

 Oh and he gave his name to my waiter to take the order with.  Placido.

Then the guy openly in front of the entire group challenges me to a fight.  All I was doing was sitting there.  I wasn't doing anything wrong.  When I do not take the bait he goes downstairs and STEALS fresca cans right out of my refrigerator.  His friends who are with him see him do it and cover up for him.  He then steals a bottle of liquor costing over $100.  He THEN smashes one of my fiberglass Dracula heads. 

 I manage to make it downstairs and tell my wife what he did before he escapes.  She wrests the bottle from his hands as he is trying to escape out the door.  Now these people are in their 40's acting like this!  These are not kids!  He had to fight with my wife who is 53!  What a piece of shit!  The entire group was a piece of shit.  I was waiting all day for one of them to come to their senses and apologize to me on Facebook but it never happened.

I tell you it feels terrible to be the victim of racism.  He had one of his friend's drive him home with his skank girlfriend who was cussing up a storm.  Mouth like a sailor.  So UN lady like.  

So I will be suing all of them for blatant racism, accessory to stealing, and damaging the Monster Cafe.

I have over 6,000 fans on Facebook not to mention the thousands that read this blog.  I will shame them for their conduct.

The gal that made the event has been in here several times.  We told her what happened and she took photos of the event because it was her birthday.  She promised to bring them the next day.  Guess what?  She never showed up so SHE is trying to cover for them too.  Will be suing her as well.  I will keep you all posted IF an American can get a little justice in Mexico.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ah yes....The year was 1995.  Gimmicks were still in full force back then.  Henry O. Godwinn debuted and a little known wrestler named Terra Ryzing...oops I mean Hunter Hearst Helmsley joined the WWF at the time.  One was a hick.  The other a conneticutt blue blood.  They were naturally paired against each other.  It lead to a hogpen match at one of the In your House ppv's.

It was a wild and wooly affair for it's time.  So being that I love all things WWF right now I decided to have my artist make one.  This will be the last time I do things with mud or dirt....the other being the Buried Alive match we made. 
The above pic is a Hogpen match from 2003 that I never did see.  It has hay and a little bowl of food in it.  Cool.  So I incorporated it into mine.
 I will never do a women's mud pool match.  I hate the women's division.  It should never be shown on TV.  The Divas should only be valets like Ms. Elizabeth was.  Women wrestling looks faker than anything.
Henry Godwinn and HHH square off in the first ever Hogpen match!  Can't you just hear Vince McMahon calling it right now!  My artist even put a little piggy in there.  He is the sausage looking thing in the back.  And I know the door is wrong...Oh well....

Argghhh!  Get em HHH!  oops...Got caught playing with my toys again.
Looks QUITE muddy doesn't it?  Here Henry O has dropped HHH on his family jewels.
What will Stephanie McMahon say?  Oh that's right...At this point they are not dating yet...

OOOHHHHH....Godwinn is making Hunter eat the pig slop!  Well I guess we can call a winner in this!

So what do you think?  The artist decided to paint the fence in white.  He said it is a nice contrast to the mud.  Pretty good huh?  Thanks to the artist Raymundo for making my wrestling project dreams come true!

I know it is not as exciting as other things I have made but I am pretty sure I am the first to do it!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist DVD TV Show P-R

So it is Wednesday Wishlist time!  TV show edition.  This is P-R!  So without furthur adieu...
1. Pacman season 1- This cartoon was a staple of my youth.  I have NO idea why but I liked it.  I guess because I liked the video game so much.

2. Pacman season 2- Just because I am a collectionist I gotta get season 2 as well.

3. Pebbles and Bam bam show- I watched this MORE than the Flintstones.  I liked the kid with the glasses. As I remember he had a funny voice.

4. Pinky and the Brain season 1- My father used to get a kick out of this show.  I am really getting it in honor of him.

5. Pinky and the Brain volume 2- Again for Dad.

6. Pinky and the Brain volume 3- Dad I love ya!  I DO think they are pretty funny as well.

7. Planet of the apes tv series- Never saw an episode.  BUT...I love the original movie so you never know.  They could be good unless someone tells me differently.

8. Plastic Man- Now this show I watched like heck as a kid.  Plas and baby plas...and Fangface.

9. Quincy- Gotta get Quincy.  I used to do a dance for Dad and his girlfriend to the theme song...

10. Return to the planet of the apes-  Apes in cartoon form?  Yes please!

11. Richie Rich- Loved Rich as a kid.  Wish I could have been rich!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sidehighwall match!

Speaking of wrestling again....Here is the Side Highwall match.  Now remember the original Sidehighwall match was just a cardboard box I put next to the ring and had my wrestlers fight on top of it etc. when I was a kid.  Ah...a kid's imagination...
Yeah...It is just a wooden box with metal wiring all over it...

Now it looks much better!  We spray painted it black.  Now it looks a little more formidable!

Here it is in the Monster Cafe with the weirdo blue lighting!  Whoa!  Fighting on top...

Here is Ric Flair vs. Austin!  Flair is ramming Austin's head into the side of it...

This was my tribute to my childhood self pretending that my cardboard box that I had my wrestlers in was this thing.  What a dangerous match it was!  I had the bloodiest matches with Jakks Legion of Doom and whatever other helpless tag team.  I think it looks good.  NOT practical AT ALL for an arena mind you as it wipes out a fourth of your audience.  But hey....I had a blast playing with just a boring cardboard box back in the day....Now we get groovy and bloody with this thing.  Plus it acts as a storage as I can fill it up with crap!

This was the only out of the box, parden the pun, playset for me....The next to come will be more realistic in regards to the WWF until I finish all of them.  And wouldn't ya know it....My artist came by with a surprise!  The Hogpen match is already done!  Whoa!  We are whipping up these projects all fast and furious like...He is coming tomorrow hopefully to take pics of it.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Controversial Thursday- People I don´t like

1. People that waste EVERYONE'S time by making fake trailers for Youtube.  Yes, they are desperate for an ass kicking.  I live in Mexico where we do not get Entertainment tonight that features the latest new trailer etc.  So I have to rely on Youtube.  So I gotta wade through this shit to find the real trailer to the Wolverine part 2 movie.  I could really kick you fat kids asses!  Then they have the egocentric need to put OFFICIAL trailer....Ugghhhh....
2. Here is another one us toy collectors do but not me...And maybe it doesn't deserve an asskicking but I just DO NOT get it.  People...It's a frickin toy.  Open it.  Play with it.  But do not for the holy hell of God hang it up on your wall in it's package.  It is NOT art.  Art is something you go buy at a museum or something.  THIS is a toy.  If you are holding onto it as an investment then you are an idiot.  Those days are long gone.  Invest in stocks or something.  Something with REAL returns...Not doubling your $5 one day.  Ugghhh...
3. Glass display cases for toys in one's house!  Ugghhh...Who are you showing it to?  Your small family or the cleaning lady?  I have a bar where thousands of people come so I see the value in having my monster collection being viewed by the public under a glass case.  It is part of the cafe.  But to do that in one's house where NO ONE is going to see it...Well it is kinda stupid...Again...NOT ART...
4. Underage drinking.  I am cool with it....Go to the liquor store and convince an older person to buy it for you and go BACK home or to a friend's house and have a blast.  However do NOT go to a frickin restaurant and try to order a drink when you are underage!  You look like an ass!  I just wish I could smack the people doing that.  You put the entire restaurant in danger of losing it's liquor license all because you are trying to impress your idiot friends and drink...Grow up!  Hell drink some Robotussin.  That worked great in high school for me.
5. Stupid Japanese robot creations that describe their products inaccurately.  Now this looks like a big stinking robot with GUNS...Ain't no way he is a WHISPER GHOST.  I don't care if he glows in the dark.  Caspar is a ghost and does NOT glow in the dark so that is not a requirement of ghosts.  And I am sure with his robotic metal moving around there is nothing about him whispering either.  So cut it out Japan!

6. And lastly....This asshat.  So I decided to start getting some Mattel WWE figures.  I look them up on Ebay.  This asshole has opened his new basic series 28 figures that JUST came out and is selling them for MORE than they cost him....Without the box.  Does he just collect the boxes to masturbate to or what?  He is an asshole.  Plain and simple.  In fact his auctions LITTER Ebay...So I clicked on Jakks to see what I could find.  Yup...Him again.  Charging $50 frickin dollars for a Jakks King Kong Bundy figure.  What an asshole. Like I said.  Get invested in stocks.  Not figures...People like this guy is a surefire reason to give up collecting.  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist MOVIE DVD L edition...

It is Wednesday Wishlist day....This is the L edition of movies I am dying to get.  So let's get into it.

1. Let it ride-  I love this movie very much.  The offbeat characters etc.  It is a tour de force and I have no idea what that means.  But man...It is EXPENSIVE on amazon!  They really need to re release it.  This was my goto movie when I would play commodities.

2. Like Father like son-  This is when Kirk Cameron was cool and not a religious wacko that he is today.  Great film. 

3. Little Big Man- I cannot state how much I love this movie.  When I was a little kid I used to run around imitating Dustin Hoffman when he is old man Crabbe.

4. Little Darlings-  Saw this one on HBO as a tike.  Loved it.

5. Lock up-I know alot of people do not like this movie...I love it though.

6. Logan's Run- I saw it on Cinemax back in the day.  A good film for me.  It probably does not hold up over time but hey...

7. Longtime Companion- My friend Stephen shared with me this movie about the beginning of the AIDS crisis.  Wish I could find my old friend.

8. Lost in Yonkers-  This is a great film.  Full of fun and laughs and serious drama as well.  I highly recommend it.

9. Love at first bite- How I do not have this is beyond me.  It must be my curse.

10. Lucas- Back when Corey Haim was cool.