Monday, July 30, 2018


Had more pics I wanted to post.  Already told the story on them.  Sure would live to move to the lake chapala area someday.

 The guy above with my wifey is Jesse.  He worked at the same hotel we met in 12 years ago!  He still works there!

 Breakfast burrito and hashbrowns.  Too good not to share.

 Chinese restaurant we visited.  So awesome.
And...I picked up some goodies while I was there.  Will detail in a future blog post.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


I didn´t know what to call this blogpost.  So I went with Jean´s power and a dude being a snake... that we have a van, we went to the old pulgas to trade some more wrestling figures.  I traded 6 this time to get only 4 things.
Still very happy with my gets.  I never thought in a million years I would find Atari 2600 games down here in Saltillo.  That blew me away.  Then I chinked away at the armor of my JLU collection by getting the villain Copperhead.  Now I have three villains.  Copperhead, Sinestro, and Captain Boomerang.  And lastly a huge whole in my Xmen figures is filled up with Jean Grey.

The vender that traded with me had GREAT stuff this time but didn´t want to trade for anything else.  It seems my wrestling figures are just not selling well enough for him.  I wanted to trade for a whole lot more but only got my mitts on these.  There is another pulgas closer to me.  I will try that one.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018



Yeah I know lame title.  I wanted something my dinner with Andre or My breakfast with Blassie...But since the person that birthed me is Nyda...This blogpost is being made public but it is really between my mother and me.
My mother's side of the family.  From left to right...Saxon the sister, Evan the clean shaven brother at top, Next to him sitting with the beard is Jeb, Nyda is the um, mother...Ian is holding little ole me for the pic.  What a nice looking family!  Well appearances can be deceiving...

What potential we all had!  We could have been a loving united family...If only one person was removed...

A special blogpost.

Dear Mother,
We have not had any communication in 12 years. I just wanted to make this blogpost because I know you are getting up in years.  This is probably more for me than for you anyways.

I want to thank you for being my mother.  We got to know each other well during that final year when I took care of you after your knee operation and even had the opportunity to save your life that time
 at Hotel Casablanca in Ajijic Mexico.
When you fell so hard on your face and I got you to the hospital on time.  The doctor had told me that had it been just a few hours later you would have bled to death.  Imagine if I had not come back to the hotel when I did.  How horrifying!

I enjoyed your humor very much.  It reminded me of Andy Kaufman.  He loved to take chances.  To piss his audience off and then watch the chaos unfold.  Your humor is alot like that.

And to me you always looked like Carol Burnett which I told you often throughout the years.

You had me over in those early years and you would get frustrated with me calling my father every hour to talk to him and wonder why I did...Even though it never occured to you that I was lonely when you and Jim Cooper (husband number four)  would be boozing it up in your room...

I also loved your Christmases.  Not for the presents for me mind you but how you took great care to decorate the bannister at 106 Peachtree Battle.  The little knick knacks would come out at that time of year.
 You never skimped on the detail of Christmas.  The tree was always huge and colorful.  Quite a delight!  Your 1979 Metel Santa Claus car you had that I would stare at for hours.

 And oh my god the food!  Always delicious and plenty of it.  I have fond memories of those Christmases, especially since Dad had joined the Jehovah's Witnesses and we did not celebrate them anymore.  How I wish we could all get together and celebrate ONE more Christmas.  Just one more.  All of us loved you Mom!  Or at least wanted to love you.

Thank you for everything you ever gave me as well.  Every year at Christmas till I was around 10 you did the family Christmas picture.  This is the only one I have.  You threw the rest away.  The new School a great learning enviroment for me, Robert Slaydon's visits as well.  I enjoyed them.  Piedmont College!  Taking me in when Dad and I lost our house to the fire in 1991.  My first car, and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  New York was a once in a lifetime experience that I got to enjoy for 2 years.  I still to this day really appreciate those gifts.  I made friends from those times that I still keep in contact with.  Thanks for bringing me to my first wrestling match.  Seeing Hulk Hogan live was an unforgettable experience.  I am still a passionate fan today because of it.  Also buying the ENSURE so that I would get stronger as I was such a skinny kid at 15.  Thanks for letting me workout in your gym while you had your knee therapy done.  I put on some real muscle back then.  Thank you for helping me with my problem with Fran.  I was an innocent idiot kid back then and could have had my life put in indefinite hold because of that situation.  Thank you Nyda for taking me to Emory hospital to try to treat and diagnose my cancer in 1997.  My father in his own good way probably butted in a little too much then.   But I have been cancer free since then.  It has no intention of ever returning.

 I am finding out who I am for the first time in my life.  I am a decent person.   I made my own business thanks to my father, which is prospering every year and could not be happier with it.  I also realized a woman could love me.  REALLY love me.  I have an awesome wifey for the past 12 years now.  We are a family.  So again, thanks for bringing me to Mexico.  I found the woman of my dreams here.  She is supportive, understanding and loving.  It was such a huge loss for me when my father died.  He did everything for me.  I still dream about him 15 years later.  Dad was immortal for me.  I wish he could see my life now and what I have accomplished.

Mom, you had much power.  You could make people love you if you wanted.  I wish you have wielded your power in a more benevolent way.  However the bad things you did to your children has hurt us immeasurably.  Your kids do not want to see you nor talk to you.  That would pain a normal person to no end.  Only Evan wants to be "close" to you.  Undoubtedly for the money.  None of us would have ever hurt you had you been a good mother.  We wanted to be loved and nurtured!  I started off this blogpost by giving thanks to you.  Now I am letting the hammer fall.  Hell even Ian and Saxon do not ever want to have children because in their words "We have damaged DNA"  That is so sad.  They would be afraid of having children that are like you!

I am the glue or have been trying to be in the family.  I had regularly called Jeb and Ian. Until both of them gave their stamp of approval to Andrew cussing me out and now I no longer contact them.  They have proven who they are.  I visited them with my own gas money many times over the years yet never got the same treatment.  They are your children.   Despite me working my tail off trying to be in their lives, it has not been recipricated.  Saxon our sister, refuses contact with all of us.  Nothing I can do about that.  I do not contact Evan at all.  In fact, no one does.  I think we both know why.  I used to like Evan too!  What a shame.  He helped you to stab me in the back with this Ajijic house thing.

I could never imagine what you went through as a child.  I read the letter that you passed off as a story that you wrote to your mother about what your father did to you and what your mother allowed by turning a blind eye to it all.  IT had to be truthful.  No one acts the way you do without having been severely damaged during childhood.  I am so sorry for your experiences. In the story written by my mother it says her father molested her.

But as Dad said time after time.  You HAD the chance to get well by meeting with some shrinks for some real therapy but you would never would cross that line.  You didn't want to get better.  You were afraid to cross that gap.  Like the movie Prince of tides said...You and the father's of your progeny started the war each time with one another.  But the only hostages you took were the children.  All of us suffered from your bad mothering.  Julian was a coward who did his best to get away from you, Will was an abuser.  Just ask Jeb.  My father was the one who had any balls and divorced your ass.  And the last two husbands were pieces of work in their own right.

I remember a particular memory.  Dad picked me up when I was 4 years old.  You had custody at the time of me.  I got in the car and said, Daddy is a drunk.  But I looked at him and hugged him real tight and said...But I know Daddy isn't bad.  Yeah...some crappy mother you were.  You trained a FOUR year old to say that just to hurt my beloved Father.


I was such a cute child.  How you could hurt that innocent blue eyed boy is beyond words.  True you were no Joan Crawford as to my memory you didn't beat me even though Dad found me covered in bruises once and threatened you if you ever touched me again he would kill you.  But the mental cruelty was sufficient.

You never even saw me when you had the chance to when Dad had custody.  He kept journals and the dates you were supposed to have me you didn't.  I remember one Christmas in 1979 you had me over.  All I wanted that year was to watch this...
It meant so much to me.  I was 6 years old.  But you in your selfishness with your 4 TV's in the house would not let me.  No, you forced me to watch some TV program about Africa because you and Jim Cooper would be going there.  You had the chance to spend some quality time with your 6 year old child that you saw maybe twice a year and BLEW it!  Now I have it on DVD!  I watch it often and smile that I can now watch it, without you.

 Even when Dad and I's house burned down you told the prosecutors investigating the case that Dad knew Mike Thevis and Thevis "must have had a stable of arsonists" just so you could possibly cast doubt onto my father not caring that it would hurt me as well.  Henry Angel told me that so it didn't JUST come from Dad.  Lying to Bruce by saying little Matt kept kicking you.  I talk to Matt.  We are still friends.  I know the truth.  Must have been fun leaving Bruce in Australia, coming back home to drain all of his bank account.  Finally Dad and I move to Seattle to start a new life.  But no, you have to fuck that one up too.  You threaten to sue for custody.  We come back.  You drop the suit.  You had no intention of ever wanting me.  You just did it to mess up our lives.

I talk to Matt Hallenborg often.  Man, the stories he tells me of how you destroyed his family are legendary.  He was a cute little kid and you systematically broke apart his father's marriage and you married the milksop Bruce!  I remember the cancer tumor incident in Florida where you announced to little Matt how his father was dying etc.  You are such a terrible person Nyda.  In what should have been a private moment between father and son you had to stage the Nyda show and make a mockery of it.  Do you even care that Bruce died from it?  I cannot believe you have outlived three of your five ex-husbands!

I remember when I got married the first time.  You invited YOUR friends...Not mine.  Yours.  I knew none of them.  You then give Daniela a nice gift, a ring of yours.  When the marriage went sour you demanded it back and held my schooling as a punishment if we didn't return it.  You are such a bitch.

And now to this Mexico Ajijic house.  You ILLEGALLY wrestled the house away from me.  But I WON!  I beat you.  I sued in 2009 and finally won last week.

I wish I didn't have to write this. I so wish you would stop the insanity, and call each child and tell them sincerely how sorry you were etc.  To make real amends.  How we would love to have our mother in our lives.  A REAL caring mother though.  How I wouldn't love to have a good relationship with my mother. an alternate universe...EVEN if you did call each one of us etc. wanting to make amends...none of us would believe it.  It would be completely out of your character.  Ian said the best thing one can do is just to ignore Nyda.  It hurts her the most.  Perhaps I have my father's wit and verbage to fire off a letter to you.  But really you need to hear this from one of your children.  Hell you have heard it from everyone else!

Perhaps you did more for me than others because I was the last.  You know, it was not enough.  I would much rather have had real honest love than the tyrant we inherited.

George Harrison provided for his sister.  Not you though...You even cut your own children out of your will.  Quite heartless because it was not us that was the problem, it has always been you.  It is funny to hear Ian my brother, describe you.  He just tells anyone he meets when they ask about his mother, he says she died.  Because going through the convulated tragedy that you are is too much for anyone to explain.  But I am not after your blood money.  I have a great business.  Dad left me in great shape.  Your money comes with strings anyways.  Like Joan Crawford at the end of the movie Mommie Dearest.  Her kids were there for the reading of the will.  She left them nothing.  And "they" knew why.  Like she blamed it all on them.  Which is what you will try to do to us.

By the way what happened to the Seese's?
Perry Seese
I remember you were good friends with them who always seemed to be around when I was a kid.  Oh that is right...You destroyed the relationship with them too.  I called them by the way...There is a movie called Mr. Saturday Night.  Billy Crystal.  Quite good.  But one of the quotes from it applies to you.  "You not only burn the bridges in front of you, but beside you AND in back of you"  Is that why you left Atlanta?  Destroyed all your friendships there as well?

I so wish for a good mother.  It should have been anyone else OTHER than you. I would have loved for Anne Early to be my mother.  And in many ways she has been.  We call each other often.  She restored my hope in women.  I was afraid of women when I was very young because I considered them all like yourself.  I ran from Anne the first time we met.  It took alot of coaxing on her part to get me to come out of hiding.  She was the first woman I ever loved like a mother figure.  She passed away in 2018 unfortunately.

You however,should have raised Cobras, not children.
Nyda looks exactly like Carol Burnett.  See she even comes with the booze!

You are like what. 85 now?  Do you THINK your children will remember you for the good times?  No.  We will all be glad and regretful that you are dead.  Much like in the Wizard of Oz.  DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD.  The air will be clearer, the food will taste better.    But then again your nasty mother lived to be in her nineties so the good people of this planet may be in for 10 more years of crap.

But it appears now that you are rotting away in some nursing home in Houston due to none of your children wanting to take care of you.  We would have been GLAD to do it, had you been a decent person.

Go ahead and use some of that ole cognitive dissonance for this blogpost.  Go ahead and say Bob Green helped me write it.  Oops....he is dead....Yup Little ole Matthew wrote this one on his own.  Just like the other letters I have written you years ago which you attributed to Dad's influence.

In short, Should I have let you die in Ajijic?  You were drunk as hell and almost unconcious.  I should have turned right around and gone out for another hour.  The evil one would have been dead and all her children would have been richer as I, unlike the snake Evan, would equalably distribute your ill gotten gains that you stole from 5 ex husbands.  DARN that Jehovah's Witness training!  It made me a good caring human being.  Jehovah God will be your judge now that you are close to the last gasp.

As Dad used to say, "She'll read every word of my letters"  I wondered why.  "Because she is a self indulgent masochist, she thrives on the bad"

So yeah, you will read every word of this.  To put on my Criswell hat for a second....I predict....that nothing I have said will even dent your psyche.  It will bounce off and you will continue to act the same.

Carol Anne Young, one of your best friends said it best.  "She's evil"

God I love the meme generator...

I have been wanting to write something about this for the longest time but never had the gumption until now.  Being 45 and getting to be an adult will do that to you I guess.  I so wished I had a strong caring mother.  Instead I got one of the sickest beings out there.  True you never killed us and ate us with a nice Chianti and fava beans, but you came close emotionally speaking.  Some of your children are still quite messed up emotionally.  Some have killed their pain with apathy, some with overworking etc.  Unless your children and grandchildren change I will likely never have a relationship with them for the rest of my life.

  I am a fully functional human being.  I was blessed to have a wonderful father that loved me so much.
I am blessed by God to be living the life I have now.  Thanks to God for that.

I would post a pic of my wifey and I together but she hates for her pic to be out on the net. I mean afterall, you LIED to the entire family saying that Silvia had stolen your credit cards and used them etc. in Ajijic.  Silvia is guilty of nothing but being an awesome wife.  You could not wash her feet.  So Nyda I leave you with this.

I hope to see you in Paradise and you are a changed person.  God can fix what is broken inside of you.  He can also fix the broken thing you messed up inside of me.  I have full confidence in that.

God promises a paradise Earth where there will be no more pain and suffering.  No more wars, violence etc.  No more sickness, old age, or death.  I look forward to this time.  I hope to see you there in all it's glory.  No more will you be an alcoholic.  No more a bad person.  You will have to be good as that is what God will command.  If not, there is the second death situation.  Knowing you, you will opt for the lake of fire.

P.S.  Just had to post this pic.  Had great joy in taking it.

Really?  You named OUR house, Casa Nyda?  You just had to post this sign on my side of the house too huh? Well how is my pic above for ya?  9 years of suing the original owner and I WON!  HAHAHAHA!
Dad was the only one to divorce you and I was the only son that won against you.  Don´t mess with us Greens.

Friday, July 20, 2018


Wifey and I had to go to Ajijic to settle some business.
Our first restaurant was near us called the Peacock in the park..or something like that.  It had 2 real peacocks in the garden that would walk around as you ate.  
It was absolutely beautiful.  BUT needs a better kitchen.  The pasta I had was atrocious.
Ajijic sits near the fabulous lake chapala.  The largest lake in Mexico.  The temperature is said to be the second best in the world.
We stayed at Hotel Casablanca where my wife and I first met 12 years ago.  It was so surreal to be back.
We met with our lawyer who won us the case against the original owner of my place in Ajjic.  This is us giving him the bird.
We had to travel to Guadalajara to sign final papers and whatnot.  It is an immense city.  One could get easily lost there.
Across from our hotel in Ajijic is the wonderful Lake Chapala society.  They have ten thousand americans living in this city.  Here is their pond on the property.   Beautiful coy fish.

Ate at a place called Cafe Sunrise.  Great food and atmosphere.
Since we did not have a car, we had to take the bus.  This is me doing my best Keanu Reeves impression in the movie Speed.
Look at this huge retro TV!  Man that thing is a hoss!
Look at those awesome green mountains!  Ajijic is year round lush of greenness!  Saltillo on the other hand is kind of a dustbowl.
Remember me pining for Vanlife?  We we finally did it.  Bought a used van.  Cannot wait to customize it with a bed etc.
We ate at Denny´s in Guad.  I HAD to take a pic of their urinal.  Hilarious!
Yup.  Furthur south in Mexico is so beautiful.  One day I will sell Monster Cafe and move down South.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

PULGAS RUN 11 Freebirds!

My last pulgas run for awhile.  This happened right before my car was stolen.
 I found only one figure worth getting!  Terry BAM BAM Gordy!  I traded two Jakks BCA for him.
Now my Freebirds are complete!  YES!  I was afraid I would never find Gordy...much less sitting out in the hot Mexico sun.

Soon I will make appropiate Freebirds attire for them.  With the rebel flag for each of them of course.
Something like this.  A robe, jacket, and vest.  Should be awesome.