Monday, September 30, 2013

Crap on a stick...

Civil protection has struck again.  They say they will close the Monster Cafe in 10 days if we do not conform to their NEW rules.  The cafe was signed off last year but now all of a sudden they have new rules.  What assholes!  So now I have to invest over $1,000 or so to comply.

That puts off our U.S. visit for a long while.  We were planning to go in October 15th to get the goods on discounted Halloween stuff for the cafe as well as to send care packages to some bloggers.  This sucks on so many levels.

Fucking bastards.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


There have been a few weddings in a wwf ring...ALL of them have ended tragically.  See I kinda didn't want to do this playset...BUT I am waiting on my metal guy to finish his latest thing but he takes forever and a week sometimes...I mean really.  I ordered two doors back in April.  He has delivered and installed one.  Still waiting on the other.  So I had to give something for my artist to do....

Edge and Lita tried to get married.  Kane interrupted.  Uncle Elmer got married only for it to be spoiled by Bundy and Studd.  Among many other failures...Here is what my designer came up with!
 Oh yeah!  In my universe Jake Roberts and Trish Stratus are a couple.  Stratus helped Jake recover from his demons of alcohol and drugs!
 Since I don't have a standard preacher figure, Brother Love will have to do!  The ceremony is going according to plan.
 Look at that beautiful archway my guy designed!  The whole thing is just awesome!
 Look at the details on the CAKE!  Looks good enough for me to eat!
Who is that on the outside of the ring?

 Wait....What's this?  Kane is coming into the ring!
 Kane is sneaking up behind Jake!  Remember, Kane destroys ALL weddings!
 Oh no!  Kane pushes even the bride down!  What a sadistic son of a B this guy is!
 Kane proceeds to beat the crap out of Jake Roberts with the podium!  Everything on this is glued to the wood base...EXCEPT the podium!  I wanted it to be used by wrestlers...

This wedding set makes me want to cry....No really Wifey and I WANT a wedding like this!  We got married at the courthouse....

So that is it.....For awhile.  No more custom playsets.  Gotta pay off some bills first.  Maybe in another month.

Friday, September 27, 2013

More crap coming my way...

Last year I bemoaned when the health inspectors came and made us invest $1,000 dollars for "fixing" the cafe to their standards.  We did EVERYTHING they asked and got the seal of approval.  Well this year a cocky little punk came in and pronounced our cafe unfit for human safety.  The SAME cafe which a year ago was ok!

So I am taking it to his boss this time.  I am not investing another cent into this place to go with their screwed up regulations.  If I cannot get it straight, then I will sue.

So that is the reason for no blog posts in awhile.  Makes me sick how they bully restaurants.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist T DVD movies I want!

Here we are again going down the alphabet and we are on T.  Let's get it done...
1. Tuff Turf- James Spader moves to a new school etc.  I do not remember much about it though.

2. Trick or Treat-  The ORIGINAL Trick or Treat.  Not with that Sam character.  It was a great rebel eighties heavy metal film.

3. Trekkies 2- I have part one.  Gotta see what happens next.

4. Trading Places- a huge hit for the day.  I love it.  

5. Tough Guys- I love the music, the story, etc.  That Sky chick...WHOA!  I would have never left!

6. Time Bandits- What collection would be complete without this?  This fantasy movie was on all the time in HBO's glory days.

7. Taking Care of Business- I just like this film about switching roles in life.  

8. Terror in the Aisles- I saw this at the theater never knowing it was just a clip movie.  Gotta get it one day!

9. Target- Spies, assassins and betrayal!  What a great movie to vege out on.

10. Top Secret- the film right after Airplane but with spies etc.  I still sing like Nick Rivers!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The old sewing girl has been inactive for the past three weeks.  Refuses to answer her phone nor come by.  So.........had to go with a new one.  I figure one coat a week.  I gave her the pic and this is what she came up with...
The collar is a TAD big but hey...I think it looks passable.  Viscera looks like he could take the undertaker now.  And hey it was my new gal's first jacket.  It was a fledgling sewer's attempt at transformation....

Love quoting Silence of the Lambs.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Jakks has made a bell to start-end the match before.  A black bell that looked REALLY beat up.  Here is a pic...
See the plastic wood there?  It looks gnawed on.  So I wanted something modern that the WWF would have at a Monday Night RAW event.
So here is what we did...

I wanted a clean look to it.  A real table.  Not one that breaks in half.  I am not totally happy with the skinny legs as they could break REAL easy.  So my guy is coming Friday to put on thicker legs.
Oh my!  Austin nails Owen Hart with the time keeper's bell!

Here Austin is giving the middle finger to him!  There is so much hate here!  But anyway these little accessories while seemingly be little now will add up when I finally get my arena one day.  

Friday, September 20, 2013


Yeah the fundamental thing from the Barber Shop was missing..But now it is here.  My metal guy made it out of metal and squishy material to simulate teh padded cushion.
 Looks pretty good right?
It even reclines!!!!  WHOA!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

10 years feels like an eternity...


It has gotten easier though.  My father's death was the single most life changing experience I have ever had.  I had been a wreck for years.  It was one of the reasons I moved to Mexico.  Everywhere in Atlanta reminded me of him.  I was so close to offing myself so many times due to enormous depression.

10 years now.  He was my champion, my provider, and my best friend.  I felt like half a human for years.  Even during my marriage of almost 7 years now.  The last two years have been better though.  I don't dream about him as much as I used to.  I thought life could not go on without him.  Especially since the JW's said Armaggeddon was any day now.  I was living on the edge.  Thinking I would see my father any day.  It was all bullshit though.

But like I said, life is better today.  I have a successful business and a lovely wife.  No debts etc.  So what is next?  Getting old.  Then my own death.  But I will accumulate as much toys as possible before the shithouse goes up in flames!  Yeah I just totally ripped off Jim Morrison there.

Love ya Dad!
Robert Green Architect-Studied personally with Frank Lloyd Wright
April 2nd 1935-September 17th 2003

Miss you so much it hurts.  But I am better today than 10 years ago.  Wish you could see my cafe.
 Geez we look alike!
The above pics are of Dad when he was around 17.  My cousin Jackie sent me them.  She is about the only family of real blood I have left.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Score Saturday- New DVDS! Finally!

Oh yeah....So I can cross 2 of my list of 400 I am wanting...
Braveheart- 35 pesos!  That is like $2!  WHOOO!  Love it.  Been looking for a LONG time.

Skyfall- This completes my James Bond collection for now.  I have all of them.  Even Never say never again.

Also picked up the Rose.  Not on my list but Wifey LOVES Janis Joplin which this movie is based on.
Also THIS was there!  The first WWE magazine in ENGLISH here in Saltillo that I have ever seen!  I didn't buy it though.  It was $12.  

One more thing...GROUND TURKEY!  They actually had ground turkey!  Now I can have guilt free hamburger helper but with turkey!!!  Man...I am finding more and more reasons to stay right here.  

I just hope to visit the states in October!

Friday, September 13, 2013


Oh yeah.  The wrestling crap just keeps on getting churned out.  While the guys over at make steel cages till the cows come home, we do things a little differently here.  By making playsets NO ONE has ever done before!  I used this image below to start with.
This was King of the Ring 1996.  The one Austin won.  I always liked this set.  Steps up to the throne with the cape and crown on the side.

Found this image on Google for a closeup of what the throne looks like.  With the lions etc.

So let's see what my artist came up with...
 My artist ROCKS!  Look at that!  Even includes fuzzy purple stuff.  I wanted purple instead of red because I wanted the carpet red.
 King Owen Hart!  The King of Harts!  Owen won it in 1994 with an assist from Jim Neidhart.  Loved the bad guy Owen!  My artist even made the thing the cape hangs on and the thing the crown rests on.
 Yup.  Austin won it too.  The famous Austin 3:16 came about at KOTR in 1996.
 He even detailed the back of it!  This stuff is hard too!  Great play quality!
Uh oh...Got caught playing with my toys again.  Yeah that joke NEVER gets old does it?

I am  a little dis-satisfied with the black in the stone.  I am going to repaint it another form of grey to look a little more natural.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Controversial Thursday- customizers...

This was made just a few months ago...

I hate these kinds of asshats.....Lord Tensai JUST came back and someone just has to customize one.  They cannot wait 6 months for Mattel to release a figure of him.  So they cut up a perfectly good figure because they have no patience.  When the real deal comes out they will buy him and this poor custom will be sold on Ebay or something like that.  Even if I had the disposible income to cut up my figures I wouldn't do it.  If offends me.  Especially if I don't have it yet.  I have seen on Ebay people ruining countless figures and think they are artists by charging hundreds of dollars for their "art".  Ughh....

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist S edition DVD I want part 1

I must have these!  

1. Salem's lot- I want the full TV movie.  The entire enchilada!  I have it on VHS and it is severely edited.

2. Saturday the 14th-  This is $40 on frickin Amazon.  That pisses me off!  I really want this film.

3. Searching for Bobby Fischer- Again...It is $60 on Amazon.  What is going on?  The DVD is going out because of Blu-Ray.  Why are these DVD's so frickin expensive?

4. She's having a baby- The music alone is for me to buy this one.

5. Shockwaves- Saw this LATE at night on the Movie Channel.  Nazi zombies.  What can you not love?
6. Sid and Nancy- this was my bible back in 1987.  I was a punk kid and followed this movie almost every day.

7. Silver Bullet-  I just watched this on Youtube the other day.  Like it that this DVD comes with the Dead Zone.  

8. Six Weeks-  Why this hasn't been released I will never know.  It is such a sweet movie with Moore hot off of his Arthur fame.

9. Surburbia-  Another one that was my punk Bible when I was a kid.  It is also on Youtube.

10. Somewhere in time-  You want to romance your wife?  This IS the movie for you.
Bonus...Student bodies-  The movie kind of sucks.  But man did it suck me in the movie channel whenever it would come on.